Training, April 16-22. And Neighborhood Vandalism.

Monday: Body Sculpt class at the gym. I didn’t realize how tough this class was until Wednesday morning, when I woke up and could barely move my arms without pain. Finally by Friday morning I felt back to normal. Can’t wait to go again!

Tuesday: 7 miles in 1:06, 9:25 pace.

Wednesday: 4 miles in 37 minutes, 9:17 pace. First time I made it to a Wedneday FNRC group run in awhile. It’s kind of out of the way on my commute home, but they are a good group!

Thursday: 4 miles in 36 miles, 9:01 pace. Was debating doing a tempo run on Thursday, but was still sore, I just wasn’t feeling fast. So Kelly W. and I ran together and almost got dive-bombed by a hawk.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 8 miles in 1:16, 9:27 pace. Knee pain around mile 5. New knee pain. But in the same leg as my ankle stiffness. ATI does free injury screenings, so I might get it checked out.

Sunday: Rest.

Total: 23 mile

My goal was to do easy runs at a 9:28 pace, one tempo run, and start doing strength training regularly. So I did most of my easy runs too fast, was too sore to want to attempt a tempo, but at least I did some strength work. And next week is supposed to be all easy miles, so I’ll try to work in a tempo. AND get my ankle and knee checked out.

Obviously not related to running, but check out what my neighbors and I woke up to Sunday morning. You can see beyond my cracked windshield that our neighbors across the street are surveying their shattered rear windows. Thanks, kids!

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12 Comments on “Training, April 16-22. And Neighborhood Vandalism.”

  1. The words NEW KNEE PAIN are the ugliest words to ever be uttered by a runner, I’m convinced! I hope it is just a little inflammation and nothing major.

  2. Do you know those kids across the street? What is their deal?!

    I love/hate feeling that sore a few days after a workout. You know you worked hard… but it prevents you from many simple tasks!

    Where is your knee pain located?

    1. The pain was in the front, kind of on the side/below my knee cap. I stopped to walk for a minute of two, and once I started running again I was fine for a few miles, and then it started to come back, but we were close to finishing by that point. I’ve had pain in the side of my knee, but once I started rolling out my IT band regularly, that side pain never came back. Also I still have yet to rotate in a new pair of shoes. The ones I was running in on Saturday have around 300 miles on them. My two other pairs have around 400 and 200 miles.

  3. I hope the knee pain is nothing serious! I’ve had knee issues while pushing too hard in an older pair of shoes. For me, usually around 300 or 400 miles is when it starts to hurt and a new pair is needed. Hopefully that is all it is!!

    That majorly sucks about the windshield! Did you and your neighbors file a police report? DO you think there is any hope you’ll find out who it is?

    1. Yup, we all filed a police report. Sounds like whoever did this got all over town that night. I’m sure it was just some random kid or kids with nothing better to do.

  4. You got some strong runs in even with your knee deciding it wanted to talk to you. Based on your description it might be patellar tendonitis. I had that in 2010. A really good deep tissue sports massage and a knee strap later I was fine πŸ™‚ Also, make sure you’re stretching your hamstrings and calves really, really well.

  5. Go get that knee looked at! If it’s nothing, great. If it’s something, it’s better to get it taken care of now so it doesn’t blow up on you three weeks before your marathon. Just sayin…… πŸ˜‰ Maybe it just needs a massage and some ice!

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