Monday: Body Sculpt class at the gym. I didn’t realize how tough this class was until Wednesday morning, when I woke up and could barely move my arms without pain. Finally by Friday morning I felt back to normal. Can’t wait to go again!

Tuesday: 7 miles in 1:06, 9:25 pace.

Wednesday: 4 miles in 37 minutes, 9:17 pace. First time I made it to a Wedneday FNRC group run in awhile. It’s kind of out of the way on my commute home, but they are a good group!

Thursday: 4 miles in 36 miles, 9:01 pace. Was debating doing a tempo run on Thursday, but was still sore, I just wasn’t feeling fast. So Kelly W. and I ran together and almost got dive-bombed by a hawk.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 8 miles in 1:16, 9:27 pace. Knee pain around mile 5. New knee pain. But in the same leg as my ankle stiffness. ATI does free injury screenings, so I might get it checked out.

Sunday: Rest.

Total: 23 mile

My goal was to do easy runs at a 9:28 pace, one tempo run, and start doing strength training regularly. So I did most of my easy runs too fast, was too sore to want to attempt a tempo, but at least I did some strength work. And next week is supposed to be all easy miles, so I’ll try to work in a tempo. AND get my ankle and knee checked out.

Obviously not related to running, but check out what my neighbors and I woke up to Sunday morning. You can see beyond my cracked windshield that our neighbors across the street are surveying their shattered rear windows. Thanks, kids!

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