Five Years

Five years ago today (April 21, 2007), The Sailor and I got married. (Although he wasn’t a sailor at the time. But that’s OK.) Anyway, here are a few pictures of the day.

Getting ready with my matron of honor, Genevieve.

“OMG, I’m getting married.” This is the first of many times I got emotional during the day.

We saw each other before the ceremony.


I wish I had done more with my parasol. I still have it.


We did a lot of photos before the ceremony. Which was nice because once we were done, we could head to the reception and start eating! (And everyone else could start drinking. Honestly I only had half a glass of wine all day. I was too busy talking to people, eating, and dancing to notice that I wasn’t drinking.)

My very attractive family.

We both had our siblings stand up in the wedding. I have two brothers and he has two sisters. But we didn’t divide everyone up by gender. Since they were MY brothers, they were on my side. Same for his sisters. I also had my BFF Scott on my side, because, well, he’s one of my BFF’s. And BFF Ultra Vera, BFF Genevieve, and my now sisters-in-law (brothers’ wives) who are also BFF’s.

I was sobbing while walking up the aisle. I’m not exaggerating. It was part joy, part nerves, part stress relief. Anyway, I was crying so hard, I didn’t notice that my dad was crying too.

Holding hands with Genevieve during the “Our Father”

Woo hoo! It’s over. Seriously, I was nervous that I would trip or fumble my lines (even though we didn’t write our own vows and repeated what the priest said) or something.

One of our photographers had some black & white film, so we did a little “first moments as husband & wife” photo session. The Sailor shows his affection by licking my nose. It drives me nuts, so he does it more, of course.

Delicious cake! Our cake topper was two penguins embracing (what, that could totally happen in nature).

Getting introduced.

Our wedding party

First dance was to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.

My dad and I danced to “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof.

I don’t really know what’s going on here.

My brothers are demonstrating the move we affectionately call “The Schwartz Shuffle”


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13 Comments on “Five Years”

    1. Thanks! I loooooooved my dress. It was from David’s Bridal. I actually liked it better than it’s (much more expensive) designer counterpart (from Maggie Sottero). My dress was more of a sheath; the designer one had a bigger skirt which wasn’t really my style.

  1. I love seeing the photos! Your dress is gorgeous. I love the lace overlay.

    The nose-licking pic is TOO cute!

    I had a sip of wine at my wedding. One sip! I was too busy too.

    Congrats on five years! Here is to many more!

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