First Trip to the Gun Range

Last month, I posted about my goals for March (if you missed it: cooking and reading), and I forgot to post a follow-up. (Forgot or “forgot” is debatable, as basically the post was: “I didn’t achieve my goals.”) That also means I forgot to post goals for April. I was going to set new goals, but figured I should just carry over my March goals.

If I had made new goals, one of them would have been “try something new at least once each week.”

Well this week, I tried two new things! The first was checking out a new running trail, but the second was going to the gun range. And firing a gun for the first time. Four guns, actually.

But speaking of March’s goals, I sort of achieved one of them on the way to/from the gun range – I got caught up on Runners’ World. Here’s a tidbit for you: The Boston Marathon Race Director and I have the same birthday. (August 22. Which I also share with Tori Amos. When I was 13 and discovered that, I was the happiest Fan Girl ever.)


Gun range

On a trip to the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror and realized I looked like a total badass. Right?

Gun range

The Sailor said I did a good job shooting a gun for the first time. “Really good on the rifles.” Who knew??

Gun range

The Sailor and his dad.

Gun range

There were brooms everywhere because you had to sweep up your own spent shells and dump them in a bucket.

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