Redemption Run at Waterfall Glen

Many runners do redemption races. Maybe they did a race, and it didn’t go so well … so they set their sights on doing the race again the following year, and kicking ass at it. I’d like to eventually do that with the Palos Half Marathon, hopefully next year I won’t have a wedding the night before.

Last fall, I ran Waterfall Glen for the first time with some other local runners. I had heard Waterfall Glen was tough, but I was surprised at how wiped out I was post-run, especially considering I ran it a little bit slower than my normal pace at that time. (It should be noted that it was also the day after Thanksgiving, so I was recovering from not only massive food and wine, but a 4 mile Turkey Trot race. Also, Waterfall Glen is hillier than my usual running routes.)

Amanda organized another group run for this morning at Waterfall Glen. Even though my office isn’t closed on Good Fridays, I decided I could use a day off. I also decided this time I wasn’t going to let Waterfall Glen get me down! Literally. I think last time I lounged around for most of the day and took a nap. Maybe I went to a Tribal Belly Dance Workshop that night, so I wasn’t totally beat.

Waterfall Glen Group Run
This morning’s shiny, happy group … who are these people?
No seriously. Thanks to social media, I have no idea who some of them are.
But who cares, they are runners, and therefore instant besties, right? 

Anyway, to prepare for today’s run, I took a rest day yesterday, and packed port-run snacks to share. Bananas, peanut butter, pretzels, bagels, plus water and chocolate soy milk for me. I’m like a freaking soccer mom. I also planned to just focus on my heart rate and take it easy if I had too. Oh, and I definitely didn’t run a 4 mile race or gorge on food and wine.

Last fall’s run on the left, today on the right

BAM! The distance is around 9.4 miles. If you look at our moving time, we were about three minutes faster, but more importantly, my heart rate was lower. Not sure why the big difference in the elevation gain/loss, we ran the exact same route. I wonder if the GPS bounced off some trees or something. Based on the elevation charts, I think today’s looked more accurate.

And post-run? I felt great! I haven’t taken a nap but I could sure use some coffee. But I did get up around the same time I normally do and by now I would have had two cups of coffee.

Once I got home from the run, I took a cold water bath. I don’t add ice, I just let the water run as cold as possible, get in the tub, close the drain and let it fill up and sit in it for about 15 minutes (or until I’m done with whatever Runners’ World article I’ve started). I usually wear my running top while I’m in there just for extra warmth. Then I wait a bit (at least 15 minutes) before I take a shower. I know some people say ice baths do nothing, but I’ll try any “natural” remedy that will help prevent injuries.

And now I have to take my cat to the vet to figure out why she likes to pee on the floor.

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