Dear Male Readers: Move along and count your blessings.

Tomorrow’s half marathon falls exactly six months since my last half marathon. I was thinking this race would be a good way to see just how far I’ve come in six months, when I started consistently running 80+ mile months, doing most of my miles with a group (and therefore at a faster pace), and shaving over 2 1/2 minutes off of my 5K PR.

But then I decided to just have fun with my friend, who is running her very first half marathon tomorrow.

And I’m so glad I took the pressure off of tomorrow. Partly because of this:

But I’ve run a half marathon in the rain before … in almost these exact temperatures (and it was exactly six months ago). So while it’s not what I’d prefer, I’ll survive. I’ll just wear a hat and my Nike vapor jacket and bring a change of clothes (or at the very least, extra socks and shoes).

No, I’m mostly glad the pressure’s off because of something else. Something early. I’ll let the internet explain what I mean:

Even in the cartoon future, we have not solved this problem. 

But if I’ve learned anything from pop culture, it’s just to wear white and twirl around in circles and I’ll be fine. Having a uterus is so fabulous. 

At least in my experience, running has been the best cure for cramps. Of course once I’m done running, they come back. But during? They’re gone. (Just hope I don’t jinx myself for tomorrow.)
And here’s a little public service announcement: Don’t want to carry tampons in your Spibelt? Check out the Diva Cup.  That’s all I’m saying in case there are boys around. (Although if you really want me to, I’ll do a big long testimonial post. I LOVE THE DIVA CUP.) 
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