Thursday Nights Rule!

I’m getting old. I love Thursday nights, but in a very different way than I did 10 years ago (when I was in college).

These days, Thursday nights means group runs with the F’N Runners, and it’s the night that Kelly and Amanda come out! 

Frankfort New Lenox Running Club
Me, Kristin, Amanda, Kelly, before the downpour

I usually don’t see them at any of our other weekly runs. Kelly and I always run together when we are at the same group run. She pushes me to a “comfortably hard” pace, usually at the upper end of the heart rate I might target if I were running alone, so I look forward to feeling speedy. Plus, we always have pretty funny conversations. During part of our run tonight, we discussed this video, and maybe that prompted us to talk about some of our own bodily functions (while running). Kelly, I hope you don’t mind, I shared some of our conversation with my husband.

It also poured on us during most of our run. But after the recent warm temps, the rain felt GREAT! Although now my shoes are stuffed with newspaper. Best way to dry them out. Just keeping shoving the newspaper in there. Luckily these aren’t my only running shoes.


Tonight was also great because I won Kelly’s recent charity raffle, and she brought my winnings!!! I told my husband I would share with him, but hands off any of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors. Which I want to eat together. Dear GU: why no chocolate + peanut butter flavor? 

If you’re going to be at the Shamrock Shuffle expo tomorrow (Friday), between 10am – 2pm, stop by the Fort2Base Race booth and say hi! I’m an ambassador for that race. 
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