First World Problems

Gingerfoxxx always does hilarious “First World Problems” posts … here I am, shamelessly stealing her idea.

So sorry you were in an accident …
but I need to get home and you’re in my way.

My commute home yesterday was delayed due to an overturned tanker truck. I was forced to take an alternate route resulting in an unplanned $80+ trip to Trader Joe’s for necessary groceries. And I was forced to stop at Sports Authority to get a part I needed for my bike, and while there found red shorts for the Chicago Marathon (to match my DetermiNation singlet) on sale for $10. (And yes, I did make sure there were no serious injuries in the accident before posting this.)

My husband and I rarely see each other on weekdays. We both have ridiculous commutes, and both like to work out in the evenings (separately). Often this results in him getting home from the gym about a half hour before my usual bedtime. My parents are never getting grandkids out of us.


My cat is a jerk. Seriously, what is with the crapping on the floor? She has TWO litter boxes. I power-sprayed them clean yesterday, she better appreciate that.

I have a ridiculously long and expensive commute, to get to a job that is both related to my major and appropriate for me at this point in my professional life. And I have my own office. And practically my own bathroom (and I didn’t have to fake a  disability like George Costanza to get it).

I’m 29 and I live with my parents. We all get a long and my mom does most of the grocery shopping and some of the cooking.

I already registered for 13.1 Chicago and got an email yesterday offering a free entry into the race. Where was this offer three months ago, before the price increase?

I’m not as funny as Gingerfoxxx. Just go read her blog.

By the way … we’re having a Chicago Running Bloggers meet-up this Saturday morning, in conjunction with the Shamrock Shuffle expo. If you’re a Chicago running blogger, come join us!

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