Do you run with fast women? T-shirt fundraiser for the American Cancer Society!

I mentioned awhile back that I was looking into selling shirts to raise money for the American Cancer Society, but I wanted to try them out first.

I Run With Fast Women
Bamboo Performance Shirt by Alo. $34. Wearing Size L.
 This shirt is super soft! And fits nicely. I love the long length. 
I Run With Fast Women
Performance T-shirt by Champion. $29. Wearing Size M.
Size M is a tad snug on me, but wearable. Also, this shirt is shorter than the one above.
And the material is kind of thin.  But the seaming is a nice touch. 

In the interest of helping you pick the right size, I am 5’7, 145 pounds, and wear a 34D. My dress size is anywhere from 6-10 right now, depending on the brand. You’re welcome, internet.

So, do you run with fast women? Click the links above, or check out to buy your own shirt! I also have other shirts in the Mag Mile Runner Shop (such as “Boo Cancer” “Runnerd” and whatever other witty stuff I can come up with).

Let me know what you think! There is no charge for me to create new styles, so if there is something you’d like to see with a different font or font color, different style, etc, let me know! You can change the color of the shirt you order, but that’s about it.

Proceeds from all shirts sold will be donated to the American Cancer Society. These shirts are priced so that anywhere from $4-9 for every shirt will be donated.

And if you buy a shirt and like it … tell your friends! 🙂 

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