Fashion Friday: I Only Have a Few Good Ideas

This week I decided I waste too much time blow drying my hair. (Could my blog be any more interesting?) Especially now that I leave for work at 6:30am. So now I only blow dry my bangs and let the rest air-dry. (It also helps that it’s getting warmer and I can leave the house with wet hair.) Just wanted to share that. I also stopped wearing make-up (other than mascara) sometime last year because I felt like I was wasting too much time putting it on. (I do wear it for special occasions or if my face is really broken out.)

What about you? What’s your beauty routine like? Have you given up anything because you got tired of how much time it took?

Anyway, onto the fashion.

Monday: I wanted to try again with that eternity scarf. I liked this result a lot better. (Click any of the photos in this post to view larger on Flickr.)

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

Tuesday: Apparently whatever I wore wasn’t exciting enough for a photo. I can’t even remember what I wore. But I did make a meatloaf for dinner that night! Maybe I’ll even blog about it. Not today though. Today is Fashion Friday.

Wednesday: Again with the black pants/cardigan/scarf combo. Sometimes when I get a “good” idea … it’s my only idea. Also lately I have been wearing practically zero jewelry. Sometimes a necklace, rarely a bracelet and almost never earrings. I should work on that. I also stopped wearing heels around the same time that running took over my life. I may or may not work heels back into my regular rotation. (Leaning more toward may not.)

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix 

Thursday: Classic Maggie outfit: Dress, belt, tights. I love this belt. When I bought it (two years ago I think), I debated exchanging it for a larger size. Now I’m on the smallest hole. Glad I kept it!

wardrobe remix picplz_upload picplz_upload picplz_upload

Friday: What’s this? It’s a work from home day, and I’m NOT wearing pajamas? It’s because I had a very special lunch date. Which I might blog about. But again, not today. It’s Fashion Friday. Gotta stay focused.

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

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  1. I stopped wearing heels too when I started running more. The though alone just made my feet and joints ache. Your outfits are adorable. I only nanny right now so all if my cute work clothes are stored away and I rock jeans and hoodies to work.

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