Runner Tunnel Vision

Have you ever run in crazy weather conditions, and not really realized how crazy you are until you get home and realize other runners skipped last night, or took it inside?

Even though during the run you kept thinking “Wow it sure is windy!” “Wow that rain pelting my skin sure feels cold!” “Maybe I’ll turn here and cut my run short … nahhhh keep going.”

I was already out there. May as well finish what I started. Besides, it was 57 degrees earlier in the day! What do you mean the temperature has dropped 15 degrees?

Sometimes you just really need to run. Last night was one of those nights. It was not a treadmill night. It was a pound-the-pavement-alone night. And pound it I did, fartlek style. Despite the wind, I actually put in some decent sprint paces.

Not last night, obviously,
but it rained during almost this entire half marathon

I figure I better get used to running in crappy weather, as I’m planning to do four races in March – April and weather in Chicagoland during early spring is pretty unpredictable. It could be 80 and humid or 30 and snowing. You really never know what to expect. I’ve seen snow in May.

Otherwise, why did I buy a Nike Vapor jacket on eBay last month?

What’s the craziest weather you’ve run in, either during a race or training run? 

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