Review: RelaxReflect Reflective Clothing

I’ve been eyeing RelaxReflect’s super cute reflective running clothing for awhile. I was hoping Santa would bring me a pair of their running tights, but sadly, Santa does not follow me on Pinterest, or decided not to take my suggestion. But I still really wanted to try out their stuff, especially after Kim posted her review. I was getting tired of wearing my ugly reflective vest that didn’t fit very well, meaning I spent most of my run adjusting it while running.

Relax Reflect Reflective Running ClothingThe clothes arrived yesterday, and I was super excited to try them out tonight! We are (were?) under a Winter Storm Watch tonight, and even though it was raining on my drive home from work, it held off during our scheduled 6:30 group run with the F’N Runners.

I’m wearing:
Stripe and Star Leggings (DryFlex MicroPoly)
Random Stripes Tee (DryFlex MicroPoly)
All American Skull Cap (Brush DryFlex)
Not from Relax Reflect:
Nike Dry Fit Hat (under my RR cap)
C9 mock-neck
Injinji socks
Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7s

As you can see, the Relax Reflect clothing is super reflective. Like many other runners with day jobs, I do a lot of running in the dark this time of year.

These clothes did exactly what I wanted – I loved being able to wear reflective clothing instead of an ill-fitting running vest. So I’d say this was definitely a worthwhile purchase!

In terms of fit, the items fit well.

  • I thought the tights were a little bit short – I’m 5’7 and I could have used another inch on them. But once we got moving and I warmed up, I didn’t even notice. Also the tights don’t have a drawstring waist, but they stayed up better than some other tights I have that do have a drawstring. 
  • I probably could have ordered the shirt a size larger (I’m usually between a medium and large, and got a medium), but it fits fine and it’s stretchy, it’s just a tad bit more form-fitting than I’d like. That won’t stop me from wearing it though. 
  • At first the cap felt a little snug, but I didn’t even notice it while I was running, plus I had a hat on underneath it (I wanted a brim in case it rained). And I’m pretty sure I have a big head. The cap does have a ponytail hole which I appreciate! I don’t mind altering a $5 hat from Old Navy, I didn’t want to do the same to a $30 hat.

It was chilly and I was worried about rain
so I wore a jacket. Kelly and I were twinsies!

In addition to adult-sizes, RelaxReflect also carries children sizes, so you can keep your kids safe when they are outside in the dark or dusk. You can also create custom t-shirts on their site.

Overall, I recommend RelaxReflect if you run in the dark and are tired of frumpy reflective vests. Or if you are doing a nighttime race, like Ragnar or perhaps the Glo-Stick Run in Chicago (I really want to do this! Whatever it is!)

In the interest of full disclosure: you may have noticed from the links in this post and in the right sidebar that I am an affiliate for RelaxReflect. I do earn a commission from any purchases you make as a result of clicking the links. I did pay for the items I’ve reviewed, but I received a discount with the promise that I would post a review. The opinions are my own and I do plan to share them with RelaxReflect. Anyway, I just wanted to be upfront about that!

However … If you make a RelaxReflect purchase using my affiliate link before March 15, I will donate my commission to the American Cancer Society

(Oh and that Moving Comfort ad? Also an affiliate link. But I only run in Moving Comfort bras. They are amazing. I wear a 34D. I need the support.) 

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