Happy Valentines Day! Who do you love?

Borrowed from a Facebook friend: “To anyone on a public self-pity ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ kick, if there is one person in the entire world, whether it’s family or a friend, that loves you, stop complaining. You are much more fortunate than many people out there. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about having a significant other; it’s about celebrating love in every form, so be grateful for what and who you have in your life.”

Who do I love??
The Sailor
April 21, 2007
My Parents
Thanksgiving 2011
My Brothers

My brothers’ wives
My Niece
My many besties (the non-sister-in-law edition)
Clockwise from top left:
Genevieve (and me) – best friend since we were 13
Scott and Vera – besties since high school (we often come as a trio)
(and I’ve known Vera since kindergarten) (and she hasn’t lived in Illinois for 12 years)
Paula (and me) – bestie since 1996, she’s engaged to The Sailor’s best friend
Jessica and Sarah – besties from college

Relay For Life 2009 Carnivale Jess and Gin Phillies at Cubs

And, yes this might be cheesy, but I love all of my running friends, online and in-person! You guys are awesome and super supportive. So thank you to Kelly W, Kelly JAmanda C, Amanda W, Kim, ErinSara, Kelsey, Lindy, Amy, Dan, Meg, Ali MC, and all of my F’N Runners

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