Three Things Thursday / Decisions (that I solve myself)

Dash into the New Year 5K

1. This weekend’s race.

A while back, I scored a free race registration to the Cupid’s Chase 5K in Chicago, which is this Saturday. My BFF Genevieve is also signed up for this race.

My decision is, do I race this 5K, or do I just “have fun” and pace Genevieve to a sub-40 minute 5K? She didn’t ask me to pace her. I offered and she said I could do whatever.

I’m guessing because this race is in Chicago it’s going to be a bit more competitive than the local 5K races I’ve been doing, so I probably don’t have a shot at placing in my age group. But I am curious how well I can place (even if it’s not top 3) among a more competitive bunch. And let’s be honest … I’m competitive. (Hi mom, yes, I’m turning into you more by the day.) I know I’m not going to win but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do my best.

2. Get Lucky

Remember when I made my 2012 goals and said I was going to scale back to allow myself to focus on my two bigger goals (running the marathon and paying down debt)? No? That makes two of us. I’ve been spending most of the day talking myself out of registering for the Get Lucky 7K, a new race in Chicago on Sunday, March 18. (There’s also a half marathon, or 21K or “Triple 7K.”)

I’m already signed up for a 5K the week before, an 8K the week after and a half marathon the week after the 8K. If I sign up for Get Lucky, that’s four weekends in a row of racing. Not the end of the world or anything (I would do the 7K … I’m already signed up for three spring half marathons, that’s enough), but memo to self: remember that part about saving your money? Is a cute hoodie really worth the $47.77 race fee? (Is that supposed to be cute? All the 7’s?)

enjoying hot chocolate after the Hot Chocolate 15K
2010 Hot Chocolate 15K
Or, the day I discovered what an IT band is

So maybe I skip this one. Besides, Hot Chocolate 15K registration is opening up next week, so there goes $65 anyway.  Despite the clusterf*ck of the DC Hot Chocolate race (this post sums it up pretty hilariously), I’m pretty sure I’m going to do Chicago. I like the distance, and the 2010 race was such a disappointment for me (but it did lead to my friendship with the foam roller), I kind of want to do it as a redemption. Plus everyone else is doing it. And that’s always a good reason to do something.

3. Goal half marathon

Moving on, so those three spring half marathons. I’m trying to figure out which one should be my goal race: April 1: Chi-Town Half; June 2: Sunburst Half; June 9: 13.1 Chicago

I’m thinking the June 2 race should be my goal race. If I do awesome at the other two, well, awesome, but my “training” should focus on the June 2 race, right?

Although lately my training plans have been “run what I feel” – usually aiming for a few 3-6mi runs during the week, mixing in a tempo and/or intervals, with a little cross training and core/strength training when I can fit it in, and long runs on the weekends, lately between 6-8 miles. So I’ll pick up the long runs in March and work my way up to 12 miles. And I don’t really see myself changing my “expert training plan” for the June 2 race. (Marathon training, yes, I will follow a plan, I promise! At least for the first one.) (Did I just imply I might do more than one marathon?)

And I run everything (especially races) by heart rate, so is it really a “goal” if my plan for all three is to keep my heart rate between 160-168? I’m still new to this stuff …

So I would close this with “what do you guys think I should do?” But I think I’ve figured out all three, so … thanks for reading!

Don’t forget, every $5 you donate to the American Cancer Society before Feb 14 = 1 entry in the raffle for a swim lesson with my triathlete coach cousin in Lisle or Rolling Meadows!

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4 Comments on “Three Things Thursday / Decisions (that I solve myself)”

  1. I was going to pick the June race for ur goal race as well. Could be too hot in July!Oh! You found out what an IT band is too? I did too during the 2011 Rock N Roll Half in Chicago!!

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