Communication Changes

Can’t I just work from home? I already have an assistant.

I mentioned in a previous post that there are some changes looming in my life. I’m still not really going to go into much detail, but they are (good) changes at work. But of course, whenever things are changing, you have the chance to pause and reflect on … well, everything. So my posts for the next few days (or however long) might be along these lines …

For example, why do we hold onto stuff? (I’ve actually written about this before.) I can tell you this about the changes: my job is narrowing to a focus on the online world. Where everything is electronic. This job will also require moving offices, meaning I’m in the process of cleaning out my current office. I’ve been here five years. When I started, I printed and filed almost everything. Over the years, I stopped doing that, realizing we have electronic files of everything and someone else is filing the important stuff (invoices, etc). So luckily the cleaning-out process hasn’t been too bad.

But, as a professional online communicator (and I don’t just mean this blog), it makes me think about how we communicate, with each other and … I guess with future generations. When was the last time you got photo prints? Other than your holiday card? One of my running friends recently posted pictures to Facebook of her 2011 Running Scrapbook (which was fabulous by the way). I thought to myself “wow, that’s really cool!”

But then I realized I already have a running scrapbook – my blog. And Flickr. My world is online. I send a video holiday card. I don’t buy CDs (I don’t even know where my CD collection is), I download songs to my smartphone or listen to Pandora. We don’t buy DVDs – it’s all Netflix now. Heck, I hardly read books anymore. The only time I “read” is when I’m listening to audio books (via smartphone app) in the car during my commute.

I should be happy; this means job security for me. However, it means the exact opposite for my dad, a veteran newspaper copy editor. Luckily he is close to retirement. (And yes, Dad, I agree, there still is a place for copy editors in this world, I would just argue that as budgets are slashed, most companies can’t afford a dedicated copy editor.)

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