Shifting Priorities and Visiting my Alma Mater

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to run 20 miles per week to keep a base (and a routine) until it’s time to start training for my next half marathon (which will likely be on June 2). I needed to run 9 miles today to hit my weekly goal.

Even before I set a foot out the door, I was asking myself if I really thought I’d make it 9 miles. Not because of the distance, but because of the conditions.The streets are plowed from Friday’s snow storm, but of course the sidewalks aren’t. I was able to figure out a 1.4 mile loop through the side streets, but some parts were still a little snow-covered or windy, with some blowing snow.

Pretty quickly I realized the more important goals for my run were 1) don’t faceplant and 2) don’t get hit by a car. Also, I had lunch plans. So hitting my mileage goal was moved down on my list of priorities. After about 3.5 miles, I thought about bailing and heading home, but I still had time, so I talked myself into a few more laps around my loop. I ended up doing 7 miles, and all things considered, I’m pretty proud of that.

My lunch plans were with a college friend who recently moved back to Chicago for graduate school at our alma mater, Loyola University Chicago. She’s actually living in the building I lived in my junior year. I forgot how pretty this building is! This is the lobby.

Campus Towers Campus Towers

The real appeal of this building are the lake views. I didn’t take any pictures of the views, but the building is about 50 feet from Lake Michigan, and she lives on the 10th floor, on the lake side. Stunning view of the lake from every room. (Just like the apartment I was in back in 2002-2003 … I miss that apartment!)

Like any good alumni, we had to walk around and marvel at everything that’s changed, but also comment on everything that is still the same.

This attractive building is replacing an ugly one they tore down
This building used to be a lake-front lawn where we would “study” during nice weather

You can’t come to Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus and not take pictures of the lake … I mean, that’s why we all went there in the first place, right?

Loyola Loyola


Our freshman dorm (where we met) is now faculty offices. That’s kind of sad. And it was locked, so no exploring.


And in case you’re interested, we went to lunch at Taste of Peru. My not-a-foodie review: It was very good. Apparently Guy Fieri likes it too, which I did not know beforehand. Check it out if you’re ever in Rogers Park.

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