This year has started off fast

Resolution Run
I had printer trouble so this is my bib.
You were supposed to write your resolution on your bib.
My resolution is to run a marathon in 2012.

And by fast, I am referring to my overall pace so far in 2012. I’ve been tracking my points for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge all holiday season, and today was the Resolution Run – virtual or in person. The minimum requirement was to run at least one mile.

I really only felt like doing one mile (it’s been really windy out today, plus I raced yesterday, and um, it was New Years Eve last night … ), so I figured I would see how fast I can do one mile. Today I was able to do it in 7:13 (plus a few seconds before I stopped my Garmin). There were some really windy spots (at the edge of a field with no trees) and that didn’t include a warm up. So I might try again on a less windy day. And maybe warm up.

In the meantime, I will enjoy looking at my training log and seeing that so far the year, I am averaging a 7:15 pace. I have a feeling that’s not going to last very long.

In other news, we had a lovely New Years Eve spent with friends at a local watering hole that offered free shuttle rides as part of their NYE package. Here we are waiting for the shuttle to arrive at our friends’ place.

New Years Eve
He hates having his picture taken so he rarely smiles for the camera.

And that’s it for the pictures I’m posting in my blog from last night. Also, from the crazy cat lady / stalker aunt files, my niece came over today. Here she is with my cat:

Madeline and Olive
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