Our 2011 Christmas e-card

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I used to do traditional Christmas cards. One year I did photo cards through Shutterfly – I made the graphic to the right to place in a Shutterfly holiday card template. I think that was from 2007, the year we were married.

Then I just bought generic cards and sent those. I always included what I thought was a witty letter updating our friends & family on what a married couple with no kids and no home ownership do all year. I tried to be funny but I’m sure my friends & family got it and rolled their eyes.

A few years ago, through a project at work, I taught myself how to make my own e-card. And I can send those for free!

Besides, without kids, does anyone really care about what we’re up to? Do they really want a picture of just the two of us? (Maybe if I include the cat they would.) 

Eventually, when we have our own spawn, we will mail out photo Christmas cards, because, well, I know I love looking at pictures of other people’s kids.

In the meantime … I’m “going green.”

So, I bring you our 2011 Christmas card, the third installment of our family’s electronic holiday greetings:

You’ve probably seen all of these pictures in this blog already.

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