How to Make Mondays Not Suck

Photo Source: Running For Kicks Facebook Group

Find a group that runs on Mondays. Bonus if they encourage themed runs, like last night’s run at Running For Kicks in Palos Heights. (Can you find me in the pic?) It gives you something to look forward to all day, and quickly banishes that “0” for the current week in your training log.

What else made my Monday bright? A free race!

I signed up for an Active Advantage membership through their Schwaggle – $25 for the year (I think regular price is $50). So already, the membership has more than paid for itself. (In true numbers-nerd fashion, I am keeping track of how much the membership is saving me via an excel file. I’ll let you know at the end of the year, in case you’re interested.)

Anyway, if anyone’s doing the Cupid’s Chase 5K in Chicago, let me know!

And this came in the mail on Saturday, but it’s still making happy, so it counts:

Christmas gift from my biggest fan, Ultra Vera

Marathon & Beyond is BFF Ultra Vera‘s favorite running magazine. I’m excited to read it!! She’s also clued me in to the free online version of Level Renner. Check it out, but prepare to feel like the slowest, laziest runner in the world. (Plus this card is so sweet, Vera’s been my #1 running fan, and she’s the main reason I started running in the first place.)

How was your Monday? Glad it’s over? What day is today for you? I’m off Thursday-Friday, so that makes today my Thursday. If only that also meant Parks & Rec and Community were on tonight … 

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