This morning, I enjoyed a lovely snowy run, and I got to try out my new DIY Ponytail Hat!

F'N Runners

Kelly W [finally we meet in person!], me, Diane

If you have long hair, running hats can be tricky. You can either buy one big enough and wrap your hair underneath (which I’ve done, and small children think I’m a boy), or you can wear your hair in a low ponytail or pigtails (but sometimes I want my hair up and away from my body). You can wear a fleece headband, which I often do, but on really cold or wet/snowy days, I like to cover my head. That leaves spending $$$$ or more for a ponytail hat … or making your own. Really, it’s just a regular hat with a hole in it.

The following is about as “crafty” or “DIY” as this blog will get:

ponytail hat

Fleece hat: I got it on sale for $5 at Old Navy.

I don’t know if other material would work, but fleece is good because you don’t need to do anything to the edges. This style works because there is already a seam running through where I want to place the ponytail hole.

ponytail hat

Locate the seam at the back of the hat, around where you would wear a ponytail. If you’re not sure where that is, put the hat on, stick a pin through the hat approximately where your ponytail usually is (use a safety pin if you don’t have a flat sewing pin), take off the hat, and a voila … there’s your spot.

If you don’t sew*, find the tool in the photo above in any manicure kit**, and rip the stitches along the seam. You want it to be big enough to fit your ponytail through, so 2-3 inches.

* If you do sew … you probably don’t need this tutorial.

* I think this tool is for cutting your cuticles but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the times I’ve used it has been to rip seams or rip tags out of clothing. 

ponytail hat

Once the hole if big enough, if you have loose thread, tie it in a knot. This is probably not a proper sewing knot. Oh well.

ponytail hat

You are done.


Now go for a run!

How do you keep your head warm during a run? Hat, fleece headband, other?