How to Make a Ponytail Running Hat

How to make a free DIY ponytail running hat out of a cheap fleece cap in less than 5 minutes. You don’t even need to know how to sew!

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Kelly W [finally we meet in person!], me wearing my “homemade” ponytail running hat, Diane

If you have long hair, running hats can be tricky. You can either buy one big enough and wrap your hair underneath (which I’ve done, and small children think I’m a boy), or you can wear your hair in a low ponytail or pigtails (but sometimes I want my hair up and away from my body). You can wear a fleece headband, which I often do, but on really cold or wet/snowy days, I like to cover my head. That leaves spending $$$$ or more for a ponytail running hat … or making your own.

Really, it’s just a regular hat with a hole in it.

The following is about as “crafty” or “DIY” as this blog will get:

fleece hat

Step One – Find the Right Hat

I recommend using a fleece hat. I got this one on sale for $5 at Old Navy. You can score good deals on Amazon as well – prices are subject to change:

I don’t know if other material would work, but fleece is good because you don’t need to do anything to the edges and it won’t unravel. Look for a style with a seam running through where you want to place the ponytail hole.

altering a fleece hat into a ponytail running hat

Step Two – Location the Spot for the Ponytail Hole

The hole for your ponytail should go in the seam at the back of the hat.  If you’re not sure where that is, put the hat on, carefully stick a pin through the hat approximately where your ponytail usually is (use a safety pin if you don’t have a flat sewing pin), take off the hat, and a voila … there’s your spot.

Step Three – Rip the Seam

If you don’t sew*, find the tool in the photo above in any manicure kit**, and rip the stitches along the seam. You want it to be big enough to fit your ponytail through, so 2-3 inches.

* If you do sew … you probably don’t need this tutorial.

** I think this tool is for cutting your cuticles but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the times I’ve used it has been to rip seams or rip tags out of clothing. 

ponytail hat

Step Four – Tie off the Thread

Once the hole is big enough, if you have a loose thread, tie it in a knot. This is probably not a proper sewing knot. Oh well. This is not a proper sewing tutorial.

ponytail running hat

You are done.

fleece DIY ponytail running hat

Step Five – Test our Your New Ponytail Running Hat

Once your hat is done, test it out by going for a run!  I have worn this hat on many runs and put it through the wash, and I can report that the seam will not unravel.

How do you keep your head warm during a run? Hat, fleece headband, other? 


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3 Comments on “How to Make a Ponytail Running Hat”

  1. You are a running genius. I love that hat idea. And you guys who run in snow are my heroes. I can barely look at snow, and I’m horrible at driving in it. So I think running in it would not be pretty.

  2. I thought of the same thing yesterday! I was looking at “Pony tail hats” online and couldn’t believe how much they were! I said to myself, yeah, I am going to take one of those $5 old navy hats and put a hole in it, that should do!

    Great minds think alike!

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