DetermiNation … CM12 is really happening.

The other day my DetermiNation package came from the American Cancer Society:

The envelope was shiny!

They included a ribbon for me to wear for my uncle

My singlet … modeled over my work clothes

It’s really happening!! No turning back now!! Also, I was talking to my cousin last night (celebrating her 29th birthday!) and told her I was doing the marathon, and she said she’d do it again, once again for World Vision. And she tried to get me to join the World Vision team 🙂   (Such do-gooders we are.)

The ACS actually encourages us to run in our singlets before our goal race. Probably because it is free promotion for their program. Hey, I work in marketing, I know how it works.

BUT … the good thing is I don’t have to stress over what to wear on race day. Well, at least not which top to wear. And I have 11 months to build an awesome outfit around this top. (11 months to find cute red shorts, and fun compression calf sleeves! Funner than the black ones I already have.)

Oh, did you hear? I’m doing an Active Bands giveaway in exchange for $5 donations to the American Cancer Society 🙂

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