What’s your limit?

I had big exciting plans for tonight’s run. I recently discovered a Facebook group of local runners, and a couple of them were meeting up at a location nearish my office shortly after I normally leave work. I packed up some layers of running clothes (temps were supposed to be in the upper 30s by that time), my reflective gear, and even stopped on my way home from work yesterday to buy a headlamp. I was ready to run in the dark with my newest running friends.

Unfortunately it rained all day. Now, I can take running in the cold. And I can take running in the rain. I cannot take running in both at the same time. So I went to the gym instead. But I am the lame one – the other two still met and ran.

So, I ask you this (question that has probably been asked a million times) – what are your weather limits when it comes to running?

For me, when it comes to just going out and running (races are different):

  • I can take temps down to 20 degrees as long as it’s not snowing or too windy. I don’t think I’ve run in temps that much colder. (Maybe I will this winter.)
  • I can take heat up to around 90 degrees. I think that’s where I maxed out this summer. 
  • I can take the rain if it’s around 60 degrees or warmer.
  • I can take snow on the ground if it’s not too deep. If it is deep, I’ll wait until after the streets are plowed, then I’ll run on side streets during daylight.

Otherwise … I guess I’ll run at the gym. Like I did tonight. See – my Garmin was super confused –>

I did 2.5 miles on the 1/8 track (it gets boring after awhile). Then I remembered that the upside to running indoors is access to big foam rollers and a ballet barre for stretching. So there are some benefits to running inside. (I did some ab work too if you’re really interested.)

So faithful readers, tell me this, am I a super wuss for not running outside in temps just below 40 degrees with some light rain? In the dark? For the record, the plan was to do 6 miles, so about an hour in that crap.

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