It’s that time of year again

Sigh. While everyone else was rejoicing for the extra hour of sleep they got on Saturday night (I’m at that age where no one parties, or if they do, they are in bed by midnight), I was lamenting the inevitable.

I can’t decide what is worse.

  1. Running on the dreadmill at the gym.
  2. Running outside in the dark and cold and wind with drivers who aren’t looking out for runners. Only to come home to comments from my mother about how she worries about me when I’m running. (I’m pretty sure she worries when I run during the day, and just worries more at night.) 
It varies by day. Some days the thought of running the dark, cold streets is worse. Some days the thought of feeling like a hamster is worse. 

If only my pesky day job didn’t get in the way, I could run during daylight hours. Why aren’t trails lighted??? That would be so nice. Honestly it’s not the cold that bothers me, I just like being able to see while I run, and feel better that a car won’t run me over. 
Which do you hate less? Dreadmill, or running outside in the dark and cold? Have you been able to make either more enjoyable? Perhaps I should use this time of year to get re-acquainted with my swimming gear, and take advantage of all of the spinning classes at my gym?

Edited to add: I forgot option 3 – running on the indoor track at the gym. It’s a half step-up from the treadmill. At least I’m moving forward and my scenery is changing. It’s 1/8 mile though so my scenery only changes for a minute or so.

Also … woe is me, I have to actually use the membership I pay for at my super nice gym. MY LIFE IS SO HARD, amirite?

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