Creating My Own Local Running Resource

I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of information out there on the vast interwebs about running. And there seemed to be pockets of a running community down here in these parts south of Chicago, but it was all a bit fragmented on the internets and I would find myself constantly combing through various web sites and Google searches to find info, and keeping track of it all via Google documents and delicious bookmarks.

So, like the good communication professional that I am, when I identify a communication need to be filled … I fill it. I decided to create Run Chicago South, a resource for runners down here. I launched it on Tuesday and it’s attracted a few folks so far. I’m hopeful that it can become a real resource for people (more than just me at least).

Anyway, last night, The Sailor and I went even further south to his parents house for dinner. I won’t tell you how many bottles of wine were consumed and how late we stayed up chatting, but it was later than I’ve been up in awhile. And probably more booze that I’ve consumer in awhile. But, staying up late drinking with your parents? That’s gotta be a sign that we’re getting old.

I packed my running gear in my overnight bag because they live about a mile from the Kankakee River. This morning afternoon, I went for a lovely 6 mile run.

Yes, many “living in a van down by the river jokes” happened.
Maybe not so much jokes as just repeating that phrase. We won’t quit our day jobs.

Also, it seems like it takes me 4 miles to feel really warmed up. I assume that’s normal. I’ve never really looked into it. Here are splits from today’s run and last Monday’s run:

For the record, today’s run was hillier and sunnier and I was dressed for about 10-20 degrees cooler than it actually was. (I thought we might get out to run around 9am, but it ended up being around 12 noon when I started running.)

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