I’m the Rock, she’s the Roll

My cousin and I have very different approaches to running. Running the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon together really made this apparent to me.

Maggie (that would be me):

  • Always runs with my Garmin, with my heart rate monitor
  • Always runs in Injinji socks so my toes don’t rub together
  • Has enough technical running clothes so that I never have to run in cotton (except for my underwear … still have to wear cotton unders when I run in shorts/pants that aren’t lined … TMI … deal with it) (and yes, I have started checking out performance underwear online)
  • Almost always runs with a visor + sunglasses, unless the sun has gone done, or it’s cloudy and I’m not going very far
  • Wears compression socks on long runs
  • Spent way too much time figuring out the most logical travel/sleeping plan for the weekend (I have a cat … had to make sure I wasn’t apart from her for too long … yeah … that’s my excuse) (maybe I just like making logical plans … )

Denise (my cousin):

  • Does not own any type of running watch
  • Didn’t know about Injinji socks or compression socks
  • Has technical running clothes but also cotton (oh the horror =P )
  • Never runs in a visor + sunglasses

We’re related through our Moms (uh … they’re sisters). I’m guessing she gets her relaxed side from her Dad. Because our Moms are both a little … organized. As is my Dad. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. (For the record, I will admit I’m like my parents … we’re … organized.)

Meanwhile, more pictures!

I’m to the left of the guy in the tie dye, Denise is to the right (arms up)

 I love this shot of her!

In case you didn’t guess, I’m the neurotic one in the visor + sunglasses + compression calf sleeves, she is the carefree, hatless, sunglassesless, compressionless one.

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