How to Injure Your Hand Playing Soccer


Yes, your hand. Yes, I know soccer is primarily played without hands (unless you are the goalie or doing throw-ins). Doesn’t mean it’s not possible to sprain your wrist while playing.

Picture it. Monday night. Temps in the 90s. Perfect weather for soccer, right? (Um, no.) I play defense (left outside usually). I was blocking a player, she was about a foot or two in front of me, kicked the ball (hard) and it went straight into my right wrist. Not a good feeling.

Because of the heat + immediate intense pain, I thought I was going to pass out. I’ve passed out a few times before, so I know what it feels like. I sat out for about 10 minutes and then felt like a slacker, so I went back in and played the last 15 minutes.

The next morning the wrist still hurt pretty bad, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t broken, so I went to the immediate care before work. Got x-rays. No break, but a contusion (bad bruise) sprain (over-stretched joint). So for awhile I will be sporting this super awesome wrist brace. And I will try not to go totally crazy doing as much as I can with my non-dominant (left) hand. It’s feeling better, just still tender. I went for a run tonight (without the brace) and I could feel the wrist tenderness with every stride. It was distracting. I think most of my energy was focused on my wrist.

In other news, even though it is a bit steep for a race ($110 right now), I think I’m going to sign up for the Rock ‘n Roll Chicago Half Marathon. I’ve been wanting to sign up for awhile. I like that the course is downtown and not along the lakefront. I’ve already done two lakefront races (heading south from the museum campus area), it gets old after awhile.

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