thems my shoes

You would think by now I could tell when I’m getting close to needing a new pair of running shoes. Despite the fact that:

  1. I’ve been running in this pair for eight months, and
  2. for the past couple weeks I’ve been having slight pains in my feet/lower legs after running

I did not think to myself “hey perhaps I should buy a new pair of running shoes to have on hand so I don’t lose any days of running. like weekend days. when you should be doing a long run.”

But no. I have not yet learned my lesson. And because I had a groupon-type coupon (Schwaggle), I ordered new shoes online. I splurged for Next Day Air in the hopes that the shoes would arrive Saturday morning/early afternoon and I could still stay on track with my planned running.

But no, apparently Next Day Air means next business day. The shoes will arrive on Monday. When no one is here to sign for them. Awesome.

Note to self: put a reminder on your calendar for six months from now to buy new shoes regardless of what your legs feel like.