That would be The Sailor shoveling.

It does that sometimes you know. Snow. It’s winter. And we’re in Chicago. Sometimes it snows here between the months of October and … May.

I could look out my window and watch the snowfall right now … but why do that when we have a web cam aimed at the driveway??? I never need to look out the windows again. It’s almost like when you’re on a cruise and you have an interior room, so you tune to the channel that’s tuned in to the camera on the Lido Deck and watch the sun set on your in-cabin TV. Before you drift off for your pre-dinner nap. (Hey. I can nap on a cruise if I want to. It was my vacation.)

But let’s not pass up the opportunity to 1. talk about the snow non-stop on Facebook and Twitter (… and in our blogs … ) and 2. stock up on essentials like beer and adult diapers (according to what I’m reading on Facebook and 3. recall the great Chicago blizzard of January 1967. Also known as the time my mom had to push the bus to school. Uphill both ways of course.



What is the likelihood that we’ll get a dusting of snow this week, but then a blizzard at the end of March? After our first 60-degree “heat” wave? That would really keep us on our toes.