Not the Academy’s Oscar

I love the Oscars. I blame my sister-in-law. She throws a party every year … and makes it competitive. And I’ve inherited my competitiveness from my mother, so I actually try to win the Oscar ballot game. And for the past two years, I have.

Usually it’s because I do research in advice (see who the critics pick to win) but I also make a semi-effort to actually see the movies nominated. And this year, I’m actually excited to see them!

Movies that are nominated for Oscars are generally “good” but that doesn’t always mean they are actually enjoyable to watch or entertaining.
Sometimes they just aren’t for everyone (No Country For Old Men, The Hurt Locker, The Departed), sometimes they are just too serious for a Friday night after a long week of work when you just want to relax and laugh at the movies (Precious). Sometimes they are just too polarizing (Avatar).

But this year, it seems like Movies That Are Nominated = Movies People Actually Want to See. Such as The Social Network, The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech, The Kids Are Alright, Inception.

However in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I really want to see 127 Hours, however, I want to see it at home, so I can turn the volume down during the scene where he hacks off his arm. And also so I can put James Franco in super-slow motion.

And for the record, I really liked The Hurt Locker and The Departed. I thought that No Country For Old Men was good, I still haven’t seen Precious because I feel like I need to be in the right mindset for it, and I have zero interest in seeing Avatar.