Goals for 2011

I don’t like making “new years resolutions.” I feel like there is no time like the present to make a change, and if you are going to actually make a change, it’ll happen when you’re ready, not just when the calendar changes to another year.

I find it easier to set goals for things I want to do rather than habits I want to change. Some of these goals are aligned with habits I would like to change though.

Goals for 2011:

  • Run another race longer than 6.2 miles.
  • Join a running club/group. 
  • Run over 400 miles total (average 7.7 miles each week).
  • Do at least 12 races.
  • Do something fun and unique that is also exercise, like roller derby lite, burlesque class or trapeze class. 
  • Take a vacation, even if it’s just a long weekend trip somewhere in the Midwest.  
High School.
I was a soccer player.
College. I lived in Chicago.
We walked a lot more.

Also, I was looking through my mail earlier today, and came across my Wellness assessment from work. My company does an annual health fair, so I could see how I’ve done every fall since 2006.

Ick. What happened?

Four years ago my BMI was 23.3.
Now it’s 25.8.

My total cholesterol was 165 (HDL = 110, LDL = 89).
Now it’s 187 (HDL = 126, LDL = 109). Still under what it should be but I don’t want it trending upward.

My percent of body fat was 24. Now it’s 28.

So I really need to stick to working out, and signing up for races seems to be a good way to force myself to stick to it. For inspiration, check out how skinny I used to be.

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