Halloween! Photo Post. Lots of ’em.

Not my fireplace

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I did!

Jack Skellington Jack-o-Lantern
I always wanted to do a Jack Skellington pumpkin

I think this is the first Halloween that I intentionally chose a “feminist” costume.


Rosie the Riveter. I needed to practice the face more. When my friend was about to take my picture, I smiled like I normally do, then quickly thought to myself “look serious.” This was the result.

The Sailor was a cannibal

Our party hostess was Coraline

Martha Stewart, crafting from her craft basket

A Chilean Miner, his “wife” and mistress

The Sailor’s sister and her family stopped by during their trick or treating on Sunday. She made all of their costumes – Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling and John Darling. Pretty handy.

Peter Pan

And now for some photos lifted from my roommate’s Flickr account …

Halloween 2010-63
Carving the pumpkin

Fall Frisbee 2010 Schiller Park-128

Apparently he was supposed to dress as a pirate for their Frisbee game. He mentioned this a few days prior to the game, but he didn’t have a costume… As luck would have it, when I was at my parents’ house a couple weekends ago, I picked up my pirate costume just in case. Problem solved. Although I kept the headscarf for my Rosie the Riveter costume. He supplied the balloons.

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