2019 Goals Recap

I set some goals last year. 

Grad school

  • Finish all of the foundational courses by the end of the year.

So, I’m working on a masters in data science at DePaul. And if I had stuck with my original concentration (healthcare), I could check this one off. But I’ve decided to change my concentration (to computational methods) which had one more foundational course. So… close enough … ish. 


  • Build back up to a 10-mile long run.
  • No injuries – keep up with weight lifting / pilates-style workouts, and yoga.

Check and check. I did a couple 10-mile runs last month, and I got through 2019 without injuries. Actually, I was having some muscle fatigue issues that are now gone, either because I did some more strength training or because I lost a few pounds. 


  • Reduce total debt.
  • Increase my total income.

So, due to student loans, I didn’t actually reduce my total debt. BUT, I did get a nice raise when I started my new job. “Get a new job” was also my hidden goal. I felt like I was outgrowing my old job and didn’t see a better spot for me within my old company, plus I wanted a new industry. My old job was marketing analytics for a commercial real estate company and my new job is product analytics for a corporate travel booking platform (that’s part of a larger online travel booking group of companies that you’ve likely heard of). I’m so so so happy at my new job. Not only do I love being out of marketing, but as someone who originally wanted to “manage websites when I grow up,” to work for one of the original dot coms (at least, their parent company) is pretty amazing. Plus the company culture is very relaxed and a great fit for me. Plus… travel. I get great travel benefits and work for a company that “brings the world within reach.” I hope to be here for a while. It’s a company that’ll definitely utilize my data science degree once it’s done. 

Personal Enrichment

  • Work towards the life you want.

I really made strides on this front. I was more open and honest about being polyamorous and having multiple partners, even if at times it seemed like I was jeopardizing other relationships. But ultimately, the people closest to me accepted who I am and who I love and were willing to get to know that side of me, which feels amazing. 

Additionally, after lots of FOMO from their social media posts, I started attending November Project workouts (and social events) regularly. While it takes time to build genuine connections with new friends, I really like this group. 

Also, one thing I worked one was making time for myself when I started to feel overwhelmed or overextended. You gotta recharge your own batteries, you know? 


I’d say 2019 was a great year. I made progress professionally, academically, personally, and started building up my fitness base again. After years of feeling like I was building, or rebuilding, or waiting for things to change, it feels like things are finally moving forward. 

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2 Comments on “2019 Goals Recap”

  1. This sounds like a pretty solid year! It must be a great feeling to be moving forward after feeling stuck in one way or another for years.

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