Race Report: The Humboldt Mile

I wrote this two weeks ago (on the day of the race, June 1st) and didn’t get around to posting, oops.

I don’t know how to start this post without being all “I used to be faster” but … um … I used to be faster, LOL. This race was a reminder that I’m not as fast as I used to be, but, I think I’m fast enough for now, and also it’s all for fun, so what does it matter?

Anywho, this was the 4th year of The Humboldt Mile, which as you might have guessed, is a one-mile race in Humboldt Park. It’s put on by 3RUN2 and Dark Matter Coffee and supports Hope For The Day Suicide Prevention. I signed up on a team with my fellow aSweatLife ambassadors.

Alissa, Tahnee, Sarah, me, Nimbe

The race started at 11am (a bit late for a June race, but I also appreciate being able to sleep in). The site of the race is on the north side of Humboldt Park, which isn’t the easiest spot to get to in Chicago. I opted to take a combo or Divvy and public transit to get there (Divvy to the Blue Line to the North Avenue bus, close to an hour door to door for me) and then Divvy home. I would have Divvy’d there but I wasn’t sure if that would zap my energy for the race. (Yes, the one-mile race.) Anyway, I got there a little bit later than originally planned (story of my life), met up with my team who was already in the long line for bibs/shirts. Due to the long line, they delayed the start of Wave 1 to 11:15.

Sarah and the start of Wave 1

The plan for the race was three waves, taking off 15 minutes apart. Wave 1 was “hard”, Wave 2 was “moderate” and Wave 3 was “joggers/walkers.” Everyone on my team opted for Wave 2. Luckily the race was on the road, so it wasn’t a crowded course. I wasn’t sure what my pace would be. I haven’t been running as much, I’ve done zero speedwork, and it was a warm and sunny morning. My plan was the usual – just let my effort lead the way. I couldn’t even remember was my mile PR was, and I didn’t look it up because I knew I had no chance of coming close to it. (It’s 6:50.)

Tahnee waiting for Wave 2 to start

Anyway, according to my Garmin, our wave took off around 11:24am. The start of the race was a small uphill (rude) but then a little downhill and then the usual Chicago flatness. I swiped the display of my Garmin to just show my heart rate, although I barely looked at that and just felt it out. I tried to push a little bit harder when I saw the finish line come into view, especially when I saw the time clock for my wave was in the 8:50s. According to my Garmin, I ran an 8:55 mile. Not too shabby.

Post-race there was water, Gatorade, Clif Bars, iced coffee from Dark Matter, and HonesTea. I ran into Eric, my co-worker Meredith, and chit chatted with my team for a bit before heading out.

Since I had my bike helmet and it was a lovely day, I decided to Divvy home, which was a lovely 5+ mile ride through West Town mostly. Although there were some intense winds blowing in the from the east which slowed me down a little bit.

Overall, the Humboldt Mile was a fun race. I’ll definitely be back to do it again!

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