2018 in Review

Hello, New Year. Cue the blogger reviewing her past year. Of course. Otherwise, I’ll forget. LOL.

The big highlight of 2018 was graduate school. Going back to school is something I’ve been thinking about off and on since I finished undergrad. First, I thought about doing a masters degree in the same area as my undergrad (Communication). Then I felt like I wasn’t on the right career path, and I loved math, so I thought about going back for a degree in engineering, but that would have meant starting over as a college freshman which sounded daunting and like a big financial risk. So I stayed in marketing and my role has evolved over time, until I wound up doing marketing analytics and realizing how much I like data & analytics (hello, math!). But I had a lot of skill gaps, and I felt like grad school was the right choice to fill those skill gaps and become an expert in a field I enjoy. So, here I am. In 2018, I finished the three prerequisites that were necessary for my program. I have 13 classes to go. Wee! I’m guessing I’ll be done in 2022.  

I also ran my first half marathon since 2014. I ran the F^3 Half Marathon in January.  It felt great to be back running long distances again! 

F^3 Lake Half Marathon   F^3 Lake Half Marathon

And then I sprained my ankle. At the end of February, I was rehearsing for an upcoming burlesque performance. I attempted a move that I normally do barefoot, but I attempted it while wearing heels. That was a bad idea. Luckily, I wasn’t completely sidelined and while I reduced my mileage, I was able to keep running. 

And then I sprained my ankle again. In the beginning of July, I was out for a run in the morning before work, and I remember I was feeling so great during that specific run, I felt like my speed was starting to come back a little bit! And then I decided to try taking a run selfie in an alley full of cobblestones. It looks cool. But it was a bad idea. This sprain was worse. I ended up sidelined for about 6 weeks and went to physical therapy. I returned to running at the end of August, but my speed has yet to come back. 

I competed in CLLAW. I am now a 5-time competitor with the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, and I have two characters. Hell Cat Von Purr, the feisty feline fräulein. And my fall seasonal character, OktoberFIST, the feistiest fräulein in the beer garden.  


I visited New Orleans. NOLA has always been at the top of my list of places to visit and  I finally got to go with a great group of friends in September. 

I started coming out. One of my goals this year was “authenticity.” Which might have sounded like a very vague goal, but it was a vague way of referring to something very specific. About five years ago, I realized that I identify as polyamorous. If you’re not familiar with that term, it very loosely translates to “many loves” and it basically means that you openly and honestly and ethically have or are open to having multiple loving relationships, and your partner(s) are free to do the same. I realize I’ve always been this way but didn’t learn the term “polyamory” until about 5 years ago, and once I did, so many lightbulbs went off. Anyway, I’m skipping over the details, but for the past few years, I have had two wonderful partners in my life, my husband, who I’ve talked about on here, and my boyfriend, who has been a secret. But this year, I was getting tired of keeping him a secret, and keeping my polyamory a secret, so I started to open up more, especially to my family.  It’s been stressful and scary and hasn’t always gone over exactly how I hoped, but I’m glad I’m being true to myself and more honest about who I am.  

I’m sure I’ll put up some kind of 2019 goals post soon. How was your 2018? How was your NYE? Once again, I was sick and stayed home. 

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5 Comments on “2018 in Review”

  1. I was sick and stayed home on NYE, too! Woo! Super fun way to ring in the new year! Haha. (I say that sort of sarcastically, but sort of honestly, too. I’ve had fun hanging out with friends on NYE before, but being home is just so much easier and low stress.)

    I’m glad you were able to be more open about who you are to others in your life! I’d imagine that trying to keep that part of yourself under wraps was not fun, and I hope your openness was met at the very least with kindness (but hopefully understanding and acceptance, too).

    I also hope you sprain zero ankles (or other joints) in 2019!

    1. I honestly don’t mind avoiding all the hassles of NYE. A friend of mine threw and “Eve of the Eve” party the night before, which was before I started getting sick, so I was able to enjoy that, just as much fun as NYE, but with much less hassle, and I don’t feel obligated to stay later than I want!

  2. Great fräulein outfit. Much fancier than the WRCE shirt of yore! Glad that you finally were able to “come out”. Hopefully the scary parts are in the past and you can be honest and open with friends and family going forward. It must not be that uncommon as I know another person in a poly relationship. BTW, are you running F^3?

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