December 2018 Goals Check-in

The most noteworthy thing about last month is that I finished my second quarter of grad school! And I got an A! Despite my “poor performance” on my midterm. Because I got an A on the take-home final and in-class final. So, I still have a 4.0 and I will enjoy that for as long as it lasts. And now I’m on “winter break” until after the New Year. (Sadly, my job doesn’t offer the same kind of time off.)  Which is great, because it’s the holidays and All the Things are happening, so, well-played DePaul.

What else happened last month?

  • Ran the Hot Chocolate 15K
  • Taught a burlesque workshop
  • Went to LaCrosse for Thanksgiving and ran to Minnesota, twice. (We were 2 miles from the state line.)
  • Lifted heavy things at Ladies Who Lift
  • Saw The Beaches (all-lady rock band from Toronto, you should check them out)
  • Spoke on a panel to Loyola students
  • Visited with Santa
  • Studied
  • Relaxed

And the workouts:

  • 53 miles (running)
  • 6 yoga classes
  • 19 total hours working out

When you work for malls … Santa comes to you

Progress on goals:

Goal #1: Safely re-build fitness.

While I racked up more miles and more minutes spent working out in October, November was still a good month, the 3rd best month of 2018 in terms of volume.

Goal #2: No Pain.

My Achilles tendons still feel a little tight, so I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that. It’s not as bad as it has been though. I probably just need to run more than 2-3x per week.

Goal #3: Graduate School.

I got an A in class number 3. I’m officially done with the pre-requisites. So from here on out … classes will actually count toward my master’s degree! LOL. The classes I’m taken so far were just the requirements to get me up to speed. I could have waived them if I had taken similar classes during undergrad (I didn’t) or wanted to take them at the City Colleges of Chicago (even though the material wasn’t quite exactly the same in some cases and with how schedules lined up, it would have taken longer), or tested out if I thought I’d be able to (I didn’t think I’d be able to, at least, not without a lot of self-study). I decided why not spend thousands of dollars more and just take the classes at DePaul, and eliminate any question of the material being correct or the knowledge being fresh enough.

Goal #4: Find a Tribe.

I feel like I have the energy to work on this, at least until classes start again. LOL.

Goal #5: Authenticity.

I need to remind myself that to live the life I truly want, I have to be willing to just do it already and put it out there. (Vague update is vague.)

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2 Comments on “December 2018 Goals Check-in”

    1. It does! I know I don’t NEED to get straight As, but it feels nice to have a 4.0. Especially since I never had a 4.0 during undergrad.

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