October 2018 Check-in

Oh hey.

I feel like September was a long time ago. (I wrote that when I started this post on 10/9. It is now 10/20. So September really was a while ago.)

Anyway, it was a good month.

  • The highlight was a trip to New Orleans.
  • I went on a day trip with A Sweat Life for some yoga and hiking at Warren Dunes.
  • I finally took a Ladies Who Lift class (this was the third time I signed up but the first time I made it … I was finally injury-free).
  • I ran the Run Mag Mile 10K.
  • I went to an Illinois Brewery Running Series run.
  • I went to a Cubs game with Robert and my parents.
  • I started my last prerequisite class for my graduate program, a linear algebra & calculus mash-up! Really.


Ladies Who Lift 

Hikeworking at Warren Dunes

Yoga at Warren Dunes. I’m in the gray top …

I did savasana sitting up because … that view

Warren Dunes photos by Christiana Basso

A couple of Loyola alums (Dad and me) and our spouses at Loyola night at the Cubs. 


I also started pickling things and OMG yum. So far I’ve done carrots, banana peppers and cauliflower.   

September stats:

  • 48 total miles, 35 running, 13 biking
  • 21 total workouts
  • 14 hours,  16 minutes working out


Goal #1: Safely re-build fitness.

Things are going well. I was cleared by my PT in late August to return to working out. I have skipped a few planned workouts here and there due to grad school and studying, but I think that’s a good excuse. I skipped the Detroit Half Marathon this weekend because I knew I wouldn’t be ready, but I did sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in a couple weeks and I feel ready for it.

Goal #2: No Pain.

Things are going well here too. Ankle feels good. Knees feel good. I have been having issues with my lower legs feeling fatigued/stiff/tight. I switched back to the multivitamin I was on before and added magnesium & potassium and that’s helping a bit. I’ve also been doing some stretches focused on my Achilles and I’m noticing a difference.

Goal #3: Graduate School

I started prerequisite #3, which as I mentioned is a mash-up of linear algebra & calculus. It’s been challenging. I don’t know if this professor is a … good fit for me, so I’ve been doing a lot of self-study outside of class. I passed the midterm, so that’s good.  After this, I’ll be in my “real” classes for my program (Data Science). Not sure if that means they will be harder? I’m guessing there will be more projects. Maybe?

Goal #4: Find a Tribe

Maybe they’re at grad school.

Goal #5: Authenticity

Working on it. Getting there.

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