Workouts, Aug 27 – Sept 2

Now that I’m not injured (LOL, not so fast … keep reading), I can resume these posts and have something to share.

Monday: Yoga at the office gym

Tuesday: 2.6-mile run

AM: 30-minute Body Sculpt class at the office gym followed by a 1.4-mile run (what I could get done before it was time to shower)
PM: 3-mile bike ride home

Thursday: 4.1-mile run

Friday: November Project “PR” workout – half mile warm-up run, then AMRAP of 1 burpee, run across the River, 1 push-up, up-down-up the stairs by the Riverwalk, then run back over the River, then repeat adding a burpee and push-up each round. I completed 8 rounds.

Saturday: 3.8-mile run.

Sunday: Ladies Who Lift Level 1 weightlifting class

Total Miles (run + bike): 18
Total Time (all): 6 hours, 11 minutes



Ladies Who Lift


My running pace is not great, but who cares. I ran 5 times if you count the running during the Nov Project workout, and had no knee or ankle pain.   Also, I’m making up for my lack of rest days this week because I think I pulled a muscle or something in my back during Ladies Who Lift. I just can’t win, LOL. Hopefully it’ll be gone soon.

What is Ladies Who Lift, you ask? It’s a really great class for women who want to learn how to lift heavy using a barbell. I took the Level 1 class, which is required before moving on to Level 2. We took some time reviewing proper form for a squat (from a rack with barbell), deadlift, and chest press, and then did a 45-50 minute strength circuit using those moves and more. Even though I’ve taken lots of classes that incorporate weightlifting, including barbells, I still learned a bit and feel like my form has already improved.  Plus it was nice being in the company of 24 other ladies who want to lift heavy. Anyway, I’m not sure what aggravated my back – perhaps it was the tire I flipped (with another lady, but still, it was heavy and a completely new move for me).  I’m pretty sure my muscle is just a little inflamed and will be fine in another day or two.  But, I highly recommend the class and I will definitely return for Level 2.

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    1. It’s a little bit pricey ($35 for a 2-hour class) but I’m really glad I went. Also, the Level 1 is only offered every other month (or maybe quarterly) and sometimes sells out, so sign up for the email list if you’re interested.

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