September Check-in

August was a much better month.  I went to physical therapy, I got through my second grad school class, I did some fun summer stuff. Oh and I turned 36.

Ice cream from my PT

I am done with physical therapy, and my doctor cleared me to resume my normal workouts. Of course, I need to build back up to where I was, because when I can’t run, I just don’t do anything, so I lost some fitness. Although, my doctor pretty much told me I couldn’t do the majority of the workouts I like, even yoga, due to the risk of reinjury, so I’m trying to not be too hard on myself. But I could have swum some laps and rode a bike more.


My pace is slower than ever. Is it the time off? The heat and humidity? Getting older? Whatever, I’m just happy to get out there without pain.


I finally got out of bed early enough for a November Project workout and it was as fun as they make it look on Facebook. If you’re not familiar, they meet at The Bean every Friday at 6am (yes, even in the winter) for a free outdoor workout. And yes, they will hug you.  Check them out on FB or IG for more info.

For my birthday, I made my my-age family members drive 2 hours into rural Indiana to float down the Tippecanoe River for a few hours. It was pretty great. 10/10 would do it again.

I went to a yoga & meditation event at the Joriki showroom, and it included discounted shopping afterward. I picked up a few things, including these pants, which I’m pretty sure I have worn every day since, and I’m considering buying a pair for every woman I get Christmas gifts for.  I also picked up a pair of Chicago Flag leggings, which as you can guess, have received lots of compliments. I am sad to note that they will shrink if you put them in the dryer.

August Stats:

Mileage: 22 running, 7 cycling
Yoga classes: 7
Strength classes: 3
Time spent working out: 13 hours, 41 minutes


Goal #1: Safely re-build fitness.

I finished PT. Doc cleared me to workout. I’ll be honest, my ankle still feels a teeny bit tender from time to time, but I think this is just my new normal. I’m trying to make sure I don’t step anywhere that will increase my risk of another sprain. I’m trying to do lots of strength workouts.

Goal #2: No Pain.

OK so far. It’s only been two months, so I’m not surprised there is lingering tenderness, especially after running or lifting.

Goal #3: Graduate School

My first grad school class was relatively easy. My second class was much more challenging. I even started crying while working on my final programming lab because I couldn’t figure out a part of it (and thus couldn’t move forward) and I was so frustrated. But it was worth it – I got an A in the class (and a perfect score on that lab). Next class starts in a week, so I’ve been enjoying these three weeks “off.” (LOL, I still have to go to work.)

Goal #4: Find a Tribe 

I’ve been going to more social workouts.

Goal #5: Authenticity

I opened up to some of my close people about something very personal and it went really well.

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One Comment on “September Check-in”

  1. You got ice cream from your PT?! Man, I’ve been going to the wrong PTs all these years! They had candy, but never ice cream!

    For what it’s worth, I think this summer has been the worst we’ve had in terms of heat and humidity since at least 2012. Maybe I blocked it from my memory, but I don’t ever remember a hotter or more humid marathon training season. I’ve been way slower all summer, sometimes intentionally, but sometimes because I just can’t run any faster when it’s so hot it’s hard just to breathe outside, never mind run.

    Those Chicago leggings…! *heart-eyed emoji*

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