July Check-in

So apparently my blog is just monthly check-ins … oops. I have a good excuse.

This is what I did in June:

  • I started grad school.
  • Did I do anything else? Doesn’t feel like it. (Checks calendar …)
  • I taught another Strong & Sexy workshop.
  • I went to a couple more ninja classes. And strained a muscle or something at one of them.
  • I helped out at my sis-in-law’s dance studio‘s recital.
  • … and picked up a stomach bug. AGAIN. (I got one in April.)
  • … and as a result, I missed a super sweet Chicago River architecture boat tour on hosted by Geoffrey Baer. *sob face emoji* If you’re not familiar with him, he does a lot of shows on WTTW about the history of Chicago.
  • I did not do the Spartan Race.
  • Between school, shoulder pain and the stomach bug, I had a little bit of a workout break.


  • 35 running miles
  • 19 bike miles
  • 5 yoga classes
  • 4 strength classes
  • 2 ninja classes
  • 15.4 hours working out
  • 12 days without a workout (June 8-19), but who is counting? (Me, LOL.)


Ninja Kat is a great teacher.

This was the same night as a Taylor Swift concert.
I was so confused by all the traffic (cars and pedestrians) on my way to the Lakefront. 


So, anyway, my goals for the year:

Spartan Race: I was signed up for the Chicago Sprint on June 24th … and skipped it. I’ve been dealing with a lot of aches and pains this year that have sidelined my training (read more on that below). You could say I wasn’t taking care of myself, or that my body couldn’t handle what I was trying to do … either way, I did not feel confident about attempting a Spartan Race. It’s not an easy race. I was talking with Kelly about it, and she agreed that you can suffer and push through a road race with a slower pace or extra walk breaks … you can’t just suffer through an obstacle race. Anyway, I still enjoy ninja classes, so I’ll keep taking those a few times per month, and I’ll revisit the idea of an OCR … probably next year.

No Knee Pain

Knee pain is a distant memory with everything else that is going on this year, LOL. First, it was back pain. (Still not sure what caused that.) Then, I rolled my ankle. (Turns out I can’t do chair dancing in heels.) Then I started feeling a lot of fatigue and cramping in my calves, to the point that I could barely run 3 miles at a time. (I had switched up my vitamins, but after talking to the internet and getting advice from Amanda to take more potassium and magnesium, I switched my vitamins back and the fatigue and cramping went away pretty quickly.) Then I strained or pulled a muscle in my shoulder. (Did it on the monkey bars.)  But hey! My knee is fine. And my bunion pain hasn’t returned.

Graduate School

I started my first class! It’s a basic (graduate-level) stats class, because despite enrolling in a data science grad program … I’ve never taken a stats class. Anyway, the class is going really well! And fast, it’s 5 weeks long. Next up is programming (Python), another 5-week class. If you want to know how to rock summer in Chicago … sign up for 3 hours of night class twice per week. It’s a blast.  (I really am enjoying it *nerd face emoji*)   It took me a couple weeks to get back into a workout habit, but now my life is basically 1. work, 2. school, 3. workouts, 4. sleep, 5. occasionally other stuff.   Hence the lack of blog posts.


I taught another Strong & Sexy workshop at Vaudezilla. Since there were no repeat students from the first time I taught it, I could repeat the same choreography. Not sure if/when I’ll teach it again.  That’s under priority #5 above.

More Focused Freetime

Freetime is now taken up with studying and homework.  So … pretty successful at being focused.


So, anyway, super fun summer so far. LOL.  How’s your summer going? Tell me about all the fun things you are doing.


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2 Comments on “July Check-in”

  1. Wow you have so much fun stuff going on, so exciting!!!

    Are you still making/drinking kombucha? That is supposed to ward off the stomach viruses, that’s why I drink it anyways, because of the kids and their unavoidable germs… 😂😎

    1. I’m not – maybe I should get back into it! I could never get the flavor to one I liked as much as the store-bought stuff.

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