June check-in

Hey! Things are happening! This is what happened in May:

  • I mentioned last month that I was accepted into DePaul’s MS in Predictive Analytics (soon to be renamed Data Science) program. At first, I thought I would knock out the “foundation” classes at the City Colleges of Chicago and start classes at DePaul in January. But after talking with some current and past students in the program and doing the math on tuition reimbursement, I decided to do the foundation classes at DePaul. Starting ASAP. Which is mid-June. Which meant I had to get moving on stuff like proof of immunizations and fill out a FAFSA.
  • I went to Atlanta for a work conference. The Marketing Analytics Conference. Guess was the topic was?
  • I finished my sixth project with the Arts & Business Council, and my first as a team lead. And got a lot of positive feedback on my role as a lead, so that was nice.
  • I went to Feminist Prom with my husband and friends. (It was a charity event for Rebellious Magazine, which is run by a friend.)
  • I ran my third Corporate Challenge.
  • My husband and I took my parents to a gun range (at their request). It was very educational for them (which was the point).
  • My husband and I took a french cooking class at Cook Au Vin. (It was his Christmas present. I plan to write a longer review, but it was awesome!)
  • I saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyric and it was amazing.

Work outs:

  • 43 miles running
  • 34 miles biking
  • 6 yoga classes
  • 5 strength classes
  • 1 rock climbing class
  • 21 hours working out


Leaving town / My hotel in Atlanta


Feminist Prom 


Cook Au Vin / with Dad at the Gun Range

I planted my garden


Run selfies of the month




Checking in on my goals:

Spartan Race

I was starting to get really concerned that I haven’t been doing the workouts I need to do. No long runs (building up to 2 hours) for my endurance, not enough weightlifting and nothing resembling obstacle training. I was starting to think maybe I should just skip it, but I have four other people signed up for my team. And I don’t like a DNS if I can help it. So I bought a 5-class pack for Windy City Ninjas and have been to one class so far which went better than I expected. So I’m less worried. It’s still going to be hard AF, but I feel better about my odds of getting through it without bailing.

No Knee Pain

Knees are good. Ankle is feeling fine. And as long as I don’t wear flimsy flats, my bunions don’t bother me. So I’ve gotten rid of some pairs of shoes and have been buying more “comfortable” brands. (I’ve been wearing these Dr. Scholl’s Slip On Sneakers pretty much non-stop.) And I did get my $550 custom orthotics.  Holy arch support … it feels so good.

Graduate School

It’s happening! Very soon. I’m really excited to finally start this journey, but I’m also worried it’s going to be hard and I won’t be able to keep up. Doesn’t help that the first two classes I’m taking are 5-week accelerated courses that meet 2x per week, but at least they are the “easy” foundation courses, or so I’m told. Either way, that’s how I’m spending my summer. Working, in class, or studying.


I’m teaching one more workshop and then we’ll see.

More Focused Freetime

Because I know things will change drastically once school starts, I’ve actually been giving myself license to do the exact opposite – just putz around during my free time.


How was your May? 

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One Comment on “June check-in”

  1. Your garden looks so nice! I bought a much more mature tomato plant this year and already have two little guys (still green, of course). Hopefully it’ll be a less angst-filled experiment this time around, haha.

    I am all about comfy shoes at all times. It’s a pretty rare occasion you find me in anything other than sneakers or supportive sandals these days. They’re not cheap (or customized to your specific foot, of course), but SuperFeet makes some really great sandals, if you’re in the market for arch-friendly summer footwear.

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