How to Prevent Thigh Rub in the Summer

One of the best ways to deal with summer heat is by wearing dresses and skirts. They are loose and breezy and when it’s hot as balls, they are a better option than pants.

I’m so much cooler than you

But. Thigh rub.

I don’t know about you, but my thighs naturally rub together. And stronger thighs usually means bigger thighs. So there’s no escaping thigh rub, which leads to chafing. But, luckily, there are ways to deal with it. I have tried quite a few things to prevent thigh chafing under skirts and dresses.

Body Glide

Body Glide (or Vaseline or any other anti-chafing product) works to prevent skin chafing even when you aren’t running. Just like you rub it all over your problem areas before a run, you can use it during your daily life. This also works if you’re headed to the beach or pool and plan on walking around without any extra shorts.

Pros: You probably already have some lying around. Doesn’t require any additional layers or clothing.  Long lasting. (I mean, one application of Body Glide got me through 26.2 miles.)

Cons: You have that greasy feeling all day long. It can rub off onto your clothing.

Boxer Briefs

This is my typical go-to: I wear men’s underwear. I literally buy this in the men’s section of Target. I’ve tried a few “women’s boxer briefs,” but so far, they all roll up and/or are too short to actually prevent thigh rub.

Pros: Cheap. Easy peasy. I wear in place of underwear so I don’t have an extra layer.

Cons: Can ride up a little bit. Also … not the sexiest option.  If that’s a concern.   And if you’re wearing a pencil or fitted skirt, you can see VBBL – visible boxer brief line. (If you care.)


Just like the above suggestion, but boxers instead of boxer briefs.

Pros: Cheap, typically available in better colors/patterns than boxer briefs. Whether or not you wear your regular underwear underneath is a personal judgment call.

Cons: If you wear your regular underwear underneath, you are adding an extra layer of fabric, but it’s a breezy layer. Also, these are looser and bulkier so this would only work for fuller, looser skirts.

Cut-off Tights

Cut tights into shorts.

Pros: One of the thinnest and most-lightweight options. Pretty cheap, especially if you have a bunch of tights with holes and runs that you would otherwise throw out. Can be worn on their own (without underwear … personal judgment call).

Cons: They can roll up.

Bike Shorts

Just like when I was a kiddo.

Pros: They stay in place. The hem is flatter, so less risk of showing through.  They are thick and get the job done.

Cons: More expensive than boxers or boxer briefs or old tights, although Amazon has some cheap options. I wear with my normal underwear, so I don’t have to wash after every wear and don’t need as many pairs.

Thigh Bands

Bandelettes remind me of the lacey tops of thigh highs, but wider. They are basically cuffs or bands that you wear at the tops of your thighs. I haven’t tried them personally, but they have pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Pros: Probably the most attractive option, since it almost looks like you are wearing thigh high stockings. Also, based on the reviews, it sounds like they are pretty lightweight and most importantly, they stay in place.

Cons: The most expensive option ($16.95 – $18.95 on Amazon), but since these aren’t worn in place of underwear, you probably only need 1-2 pairs.


What do you do to prevent thigh rub?  Have you found women’s boxer briefs that don’t ride up?  

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  1. I am all about that Body Glide life. Once it gets above 80 I pretty much wear nothing but skirts/dresses (to work, at least), and I definitely Body Glide up before heading out for the day if I’m wearing a pencil skirt. I usually wear…um…swishy skirts (<– technical term), and when I wear those, I always wear Soffe-esque shorts under them in case of rogue breezes downtown. That (and the extra movement space) gets the job done, too, but I definitely need Body Glide for pencil skirts!

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