May check-in

Hello! I’ve been kind of MIA on the blog, but I’ve been doing stuff. Here’s what happened in April:

  • I applied to and was accepted to graduate school! YAY! I’m planning to pursue a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (Data Science) at DePaul. There goes my free time until 2022.
  • I started physical therapy for my ankle. I rolled it a couple months ago. It’s feeling much better but I want to make sure it’s strong.
  • My bunions (well, one of them), seemed to pop out more this month and has led to some pain 🙁  Sooooo, while seeing a doc for a referral to PT for my ankle, he also checked out my bunion and I got fitted for custom orthotics. Time to replace all my shoes for stuff that’s a half to full size bigger. Hashtag This is Thirty-Five.
  • I started seeing a therapist. As in, for mental health. Just want to talk through some stuff.
  • I kicked off off another pro bono project with the Arts & Business Council, and this time, I’m the team lead.
  • I went to the Wisconsin Dells with my husband and some friends. And got a stomach bug. And didn’t really leave our hotel room.
  • I took beginner’s workshops in both R and Python (data science coding languages).
  • We saw Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band for the sixth time.  (They’re a lot of fun and their shows are $20 or less.)
  • I did some working out:
  • Total Miles Running = 30
  • Total Time Working Out = 12 hours, 28 minutes

It snowed and it was cold for a long time and we all complained,
but finally, spring came around.

Goals check-in:

Spartan Race

Less than two months to go! Eek. My plan is to loosely follow a half marathon plan for running and to stop at playgrounds while on the run, to use the monkey bars and attempt pull-ups and such. 

No Knee Pain

Well, my knees have been fine. My ankle is much better. But my bunion on my left foot? Argh.

Graduate School

I applied to DePaul, was accepted a couple days later. (Easiest application process ever.) I have some intro courses I need to knock out, so I’m hoping to enroll in classes this summer. Eek! It’s happening. No sense in waiting. Considering I’ve been rolling this idea around in my head for … three years. LOL.


I’m teaching a workshop next month, but I think this goal is going to take a backseat while I focus on grad school. As is performing.

More Focused Freetime

Welp, this is going to be taken up with grad school. In addition to applying, and then figuring out everything once I was accepting (um, proof of immunization, what?), I’m watching various free videos via MIT’s OpenCourseWare and trying to take workshops/bootcamp coding classes when I can. I’ll be honest… I’m intimidated. Which is probably why it took me three years to finally follow through with this. But, you know, not trying is failing and yadda yadda.

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5 Comments on “May check-in”

  1. I was so excited and then immediately so disappointed to hear about your Dells trip! I went earlier this year and had such a fun time, but what a bummer that you were sick the whole time you were there 🙁 The worst timing!

    Congrats on grad school! That’s awesome that you’re going after something like that, especially since you’ve been thinking about it for so long. I hope it turns out to be a positive experience for you and your career path 🙂

  2. Cool about being accepted for the data analytics graduate program. I’ve been thinking that I might want to get into that as well. It sounds interesting and every other recruiter has a job in that area! Where did you take the beginner’s workshops in R and Python?

        1. Yeah, the price wasn’t too bad, but it was only a 1-day session, and there’s only so much you can learn in a day.

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