Five Things Friday

I finally joined the powdered peanut butter fan club. I was recently sent some PBfit powdered peanut butter, which I added to my smoothies. And let me say, despite trying to limit myself to 1-2 spoonfuls per smoothie, I went through that stuff fast. Whenever I add regular peanut or almond butter to my smoothie, it always sticks to the side of the cup, which is annoying. Not so with powdered peanut butter. Plus this variety has fewer calories and less fat and sugar than typical peanut butter. I’m really sad that I ran out. 10/10 will buy some more for myself in the future.


I tried Pickle Shots. I was also recently sent some Liquid Pickle Boosts, which are basically a mix of various fermented foods in liquid form. They tasted like drinking kimchi, which makes sense. Personally, I wasn’t a fan, but if drinking kimchi sounds appealing to you or you want more fermentation for your gut, check out BAO’s Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts.



Target has some great bralettes right now. This is not sponsored. I’m just getting sick of underwire bras, and how with any fluctuation of weight, they become uncomfortable. Most of the bralettes I’ve seen out there are made for gals who are … less blessed than me, and the bralettes either don’t fit well or don’t fight gravity enough. But Target had a ton of cute styles and colors to choose from that looked somewhat supportive and many were also lined. Because, you know, female nipples are so offensive and all. Gotta hide those away. Anyway, I bought four bralettes. Suck it, wired bras.

Not a Target bralette. (Actually, picked up that set from Taboo Tabou, go support local women-owned businesses!) Photo by Mike Licari for Vaudezilla. 


I think I might be getting a bunion in my left foot. This is complete self-diagnosis. But my mom had them in both feet (and had surgery when she was a little bit older than me) and always seemed to think I had her feet. I’m at the point where I think tight shoes and/or unsupportive shoes (i.e., flimsy flats) are no longer a good option. Probably heels too. Getting older is fun.

These boots def. aren’t helping, but hey, I take them off pretty early in the act. Photo by Mike Licari for Vaudezilla. 


I think I need to give up dairy completely. I gave up (cow’s) milk a long time ago because it seemed to give me a stomach ache (or worse) within an hour. Now it seems if I eat a lot of any dairy (yogurt, ice cream, maybe even cheese), my stomach is upset later or the day after. Oy.

Someone, please make the connection. 


Have you made any new discoveries lately? In terms of stuff or your body or whatever?


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3 Comments on “Five Things Friday”

  1. I discovered A2 whole milk a couple of weeks ago. The story goes that American (Holstein) cows have the A1 protein and European cows (Jersey) have the A2 protein. The company that makes A2 milk claims its is easier for people to digest than A1 milk. I’ve been drinking it in small quantities over the last week, and my stomach seem to be okay, however it might just be the placebo effect, so I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I render a verdict.

  2. Oh no!! What a bummer about dairy giving you issues! (Or maybe I’m just projecting. It’d be a huge bummer for me, because I love most dairy products SO MUCH.) Have you tried any lactose-free versions to see if that makes a difference? I suppose it doesn’t really matter if you’re not all that into dairy in the first place, but if you are, it might be worth a shot just to see?

    1. I’m fine with almond milk, and coconut milk ice cream is pretty amazing. The only suitable substitute that I haven’t yet found is cheese. But I haven’t tried many options. I typically use lactaid pills when I do eat dairy things, but I don’t think that’s enough.

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