April Check-in

March was a disappointing month. Because of my ankle. I had the opportunity to train for the Shamrock Shuffle with Nike. I had two shows booked and was working on a new act. But I was stupid and careless and it resulted in a rolled ankle. So I had to scale back my workouts. I couldn’t dance in heels. (But I made it work and performed in flats.) It’s a month later and I still feel a little bit of tenderness, although it seems to be less and less, so I’m hoping that with a little more rest, it’ll be gone and I can get back into my usual routine.

But, it’s wasn’t all bad. Good things happened.

  • I still hit my Shamrock Shuffle goal – beat last year’s time.
  • I went to my first Bulls game.
  • My alma mater, Loyola, made it to the Final Four for the first time in my lifetime. (I know I had nothing to do with that, it was just fun to watch.)
  • I wrapped up two volunteer projects with the Arts & Business Council and kicked off a new one – and I’m stepping up as Team Lead for the first time.
  • I had fun performing in my first bar show and also debuted a new act that people (ok, my friends) seemed to like.
  • I met with four different current Loyola students in a mentoring capacity.
  • I got to spend time with my parents on three different occasions, I got to see all of my nieces and nephews, and I got to spend time with my best friend.

I list out these things because lately, I’ve been feeling like “I’m not living my best life … but what does that look like for me?”  It helps to remind myself that I’m still filling my time with what is important to me.

Fitness by the numbers:

  • Total miles = 20
  • Total number of workouts = 15
  • Total time working out = 11 hours, 10 minutes

This was my lowest month in over a year. BUT, I was trying to rest my ankle (without giving up my obligations, even if they were just goals I set for myself).



My first Bulls game / Icing my ankle 


Workouts at Nike’s House of Go


Shamrock Shuffle 


Nike Training Crew


Kitten Von Purring 

Checking in on my actual 2018 goals:

Spartan Race 

I wanted to get through the Shamrock Shuffle first, now my plan is to make it to a ninja gym at least 2x per month. 

No Knee Pain

Success! Let’s not talk about my ankle.

Graduate School 

I still haven’t applied anywhere. Oy. Although I don’t plan on enrolling anywhere until the fall or next winter.


I’m teaching another Strong & Sexy workshop at Vaudezilla next weekend.

More Focused Freetime 

I created a new act – which included choreography and a costume – so I actually have something to show for my freetime. (I’m waiting on the photos and video of said act.)

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5 Comments on “April Check-in”

  1. I wish I could join you for the Spartan this year, but it’s the same weekend as the Anchorage marathon and the start of my Alaska trip. Next year, I suppose!

  2. I have no real connection to Loyola and had a vested interest in Michigan winning on Saturday (I have them in the championship game in my bracket), but I can’t lie: I was rooting for Loyola Saturday night. As a born and raised Michigan fan, it was the first time in my life I’ve ever been disappointed to see Michigan win!

    1. I was surprised how many people were on the Loyola bandwagon! But I guess everyone loves a good Cinderella story.

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