Training, March 5 – 18

I’ve been trying to baby my ankle. I may or may not have been doing a good job.

March 5 – 11

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Megaformer at Studio Lagree
  • Wednesday-Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Approx. 3.5 miles of running treadmill intervals
  • Sunday:  Rest

March 12 – 18

  • Monday: Lap Swimming, approx 1400m in 40min
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday 30min weights/cardio and 30min of running treadmill intervals
  • Thursday-Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Approx 4 miles of running treadmill intervals
  • Sunday: Yoga

My ankle still feels a little bit tender when I bend it the way it rolled, but I think it’s improving? I’ve been icing it here and there. The only running I’m doing is part of the Nike training I’m doing for the Shamrock Shuffle. We meet 2x per week, Wednesdays are strength + intervals and Saturdays are intervals. During one of the workouts, we were doing push sleds, and I think the total weight was 210 lbs. That was brutal.  But I have enjoyed having someone push me to do speedwork again. I haven’t done that in so long. Granted, I’d rather do it on a track than a treadmill, but it’s also been cold, and on Wednesdays we’re using those self-propelled treadmills (at On Your Mark in the West Loop) which aren’t quite as bad.


Nike House of Go

I also performed in my first bar show. Previously, all the shows I did were in some kind of “theater” setting, or at least, there was some kind of cover or ticketing, and the layout of the venue was with the intention of watching a performance. For a bar show, there’s usually no cover (we still get paid) and the patrons in the bar may or may not even know there is a show happening that night. So, some improvisation was required which may or may not have been pulled off. Who cares. People are pretty forgiving when you’re talking off your clothes. (Lifehack.)

(Most people don’t realize this, but yes, I get paid when I perform. Not much, but it’s still something. Maybe someday I’ll pay off these costumes.)


Cat Ladies.

Anyway, Sunday is the Shamrock Shuffle. Next Wednesday, I’m performing (I’m planning to wear low-heel ballroom shoes). After that, I think the plan is no dancing and no running until the ankle tenderness is gone. Or I get restless. Meh. YOLO.

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5 Comments on “Training, March 5 – 18”

    1. I’ve been paid anywhere from $5-58 (odd number due to tips) for performing. The average is more like $20 per show, and each show takes easily 3+ hours from call time to when I leave the venue. This is only for shows I’m booked in (i.e., they choose to put me in the show for a group act or solo). When I do student showcases (i.e., everyone who signs up for class is in), we don’t get paid (even though they charge for tickets, but they do have to pay to rent the venue). If I ever got booked in a private or corporate event, I could make a lot more money, but those spots are very coveted and usually go to better performers who have bigger networks (I’m totally OK with that, this is a hobby for me and a living for many of them).

      Teaching pays more. For me, that has averaged out to $25/hour but is dependant on how many students there are.

      I haven’t added it up (yet), but I’m pretty sure I’ve still spent more on classes and costume pieces (and gas, parking, Ubers) than I have been paid to perform. Maybe with teaching I’ve broken even … maybe. But, the more I can book an act, the more it pays for itself.

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