Training, February 26 – March 4

Monday: Rest. I don’t recall if I had a good excuse.

Tuesday: 5.7-mile run. It was 60 degrees, Kelly said she was going to head out for a runch, and I joined her. Tacked on a few extra miles to run to/from meeting her.

Wednesday: Nike workout – warm-up, 20 minutes of strength & mobility, 20 minutes of running intervals, cool down.

Afterward, I was in a mood and decided to work on choreography and learned that no, I cannot chair dance in heels. That is to say, I rolled my ankle. Whomp whomp emoji.

Thursday: I was signed up for a workout at Nike’s new House of Go and despite my ankle, I didn’t want to miss it. (OK, fine, there was a promise of free gear.) I ended up walking most of the treadmill intervals. But they are doing free treadmill workouts during March, you can sign up at

Friday-Sunday: Decided to be smart and let my ankle heal! No workouts.

Miles: Roughly 10, including the walking
Total time: 2 hours, 40 minutes

Tuesday with Kelly (and some UIC students)



House of Go – twinning with Tahnee, aSweatLife ambassadors, I did run for a few minutes

So, after being sidelined for almost a week due to back pain, I brought a new injury upon myself and it’s looking like close to another week of no workouts. My ankle only feels tender if I try to bend it a certain way, so I’m thinking I might be able to ease into non-running workouts … yes?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Ouch! I have rolled my ankle in the past and it can take a few weeks before it’s back to normal. I would ease back into workouts slowly and focus on doing some ankle strengthening stuff once you feel like your ankle can handle them!

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