Training, February 19-25

Monday: Back felt stiff. Rest.

Tuesday: Ditto. Also busy.

Wednesday: Despite stiff back, went to my scheduled workout with Nike. Instead of asking for modifications, I let my ego get in the way and deadlifted a 55-lb kettlebell. On the second set, my back stiffed up again and I could barely move for a hot minute.  But the second part of the workout was treadmill intervals which maybe helped?

Thursday: Still stiff. Also busy.

Friday: Yup, still stiff.

Saturday: Finally feeling some relief. Went to my scheduled workout with Nike and it helped a lot. Thankfully we weren’t lifting any weights.  We did some stability body weight exercises and treadmill intervals.

Sunday: 5-mile run

Total time: 3 hours
Total times: 9-ish

So, I’m training for the Shamrock Shuffle with Nike and a group of 10 other locals. We’re a mix of seasoned runners and newbies. We’re working out as a group 2x per week and the workouts seem to be a dynamic warm-up, and then splitting up for 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of treadmill intervals. This will be the most speedwork I’ve done in a long time. Let’s see if it pays off.


Wouldn’t be a Nike thing without free gear, right?
We got the new Nike Reacts, I like them so far. 

Battling the wind on Sunday

Anyway, so, my back. What the heck happened there? I’m not sure. The previous weekend, I taught Strong & Sexy (workshop) on Saturday, and on Sunday I did yoga and went for a run. Maybe at some point, I pulled a muscle? On Monday morning, I woke up fine, but when I was getting ready for work, I bent over my laundry and when I stood upright … my back stiffened. And pretty much stayed that way all week. I could hold myself certain ways and feel fine, but I couldn’t bend over (getting dressed was interesting). I brought my heating pad to and from work and sat against it constantly, I used this muscle relief lotion, I laid on my acupressure mat, foam rolled, I was pounding ibuprofen, but no relief. Well, actually, I think I was starting to feel better on Wednesday but then I made it worse during my workout.

Finally, Friday night, I was chatting with a friend who deals with a lot of back pain, and she suggested I alternate ice and heat. So I did that a few times on Friday, and by the time I got into bed, I was starting to feel better. I was still feeling soreness, but not stiffness. I could roll over in bed without difficulty! Huzzah! I still felt better Saturday morning (a little soreness but no stiffness), so I did a couple more rounds of ice and heat before my workout. And after my workout, I felt great! The soreness came and went here and there, but I think the ice and heat made a huge difference.

And in sad news, after two months, Olive still wasn’t coming around to our foster cat Chance, so his mom came and took him to stay with a different friend of hers. I’m sad he’s no longer around, even though he was a bit obnoxious. But now Olive isn’t being cooped up in our bedroom. (Meaning we had her litter box in there too, the smell was … not great.) Hopefully, he’s in a place where the other kitties play with him. (I actually have no idea if there are other cats.)



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2 Comments on “Training, February 19-25”

  1. Yikes! That back situation does not sound fun at all! I’m glad you’re feeling better now, but man, that must’ve been really frustrating last week 🙁

    That’s cool that you get to train with Nike for the Shuffle! They are quite generous when it comes to outfitting people with swag, that’s for sure. I’m super curious about what’s under your shoes in the swag photo – it looks like a pillow case…? That’d be a new kind of swag, haha.

    I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to Chance 🙁 It’s really too bad he and Olive couldn’t get along. I wonder if she’d get along better with a different foster cat, like an older one?

    1. It is a pillow! With our training plan printed on the pillowcase. I’ve actually slept with it too.

      I’m curious how Olive would do with a cat that doesn’t make a beeline for her any chance it gets. When they were in the same room together, and he wasn’t paying any attention to her, she seemed to deal with it fine. But when he would make a beeline toward her, she would understandably freak out. So either an older cat, or an indifferent cat.

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