Shred415 South Loop – Chicago Fitness Studio Review

Shred415 South Loop is one of my favorite go-to spots on ClassPass for a tough workout. They also have locations throughout Chicago (Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Old Town, Northfield, Deerfield, Hinsdale and they’ve expanded to St Louis and Indianapolis), although I’ve only been to their South Loop location.

shred 415 south loop

Shred415 in a Nutshell

All of their classes are split into four 15 minute sets alternating running and strength workouts. Half the class starts on the treadmills, the other half on the floor (pick your spot when you show up based on what is available), and you switch every 15 minutes.

The Shred415 Workout

The treadmill workouts are usually a mixture of speed and hill intervals with short walking breaks. The strength workouts focus on arms & abs, butt & legs, or total body (per the schedule), using dumbbells, kettlebells, a weighted bar, medicine ball with handles, a bench, and bodyweight. The only “breaks” are between the sets when you switch between the floor and treadmill, and those are pretty short. However, if you need to drop your pace during the treadmill session or take a breather during the floor, no one will shame you.


All levels welcome. You pick your own pace (or inclines) on the treadmill and your own weights on the floor. You can walk during the treadmill sets.

Shred 415 Instructors

Every instructor I’ve taken class with has been friendly and full of energy. They call out the workout as you go, and I love the way they mix up the moves. You will never do the same workout twice (unless you do back-to-back classes). However, I don’t recall every receiving personal instructor on fixing my form during class, so either I have great form, or they are so focused on calling out the workout (it changes every 30-90 seconds, and they are calling out floor and tread together), that they don’t have time to correct form, etc. They typically demo every floor move while calling it out for you to do.

Shred 415 Workout Space

One studio, with approximately 20 Woodway treadmills and 20 floor stations with a bench, mat, dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted bars, medicine balls, BOSUs and more available. Mirrors line 3 walls, and the 4th has cubbies. Small towels are provided as are wipes for post-workout. The music is usually one long mix of remixed songs blending into each other. Lots of pop, hip-hop, top 40, power hits from the 80s and 90s, etc.

The Rest of the Space

A small changing room with showers, lockers, and some amenities. A kids play room is also available. There’s a coat rack in the hallway, a spot for your boots, and a drinking fountain with a spout for water bottles.

Shred415 Overall 

A fantastic, efficient, challenging workout in a nice space with helpful, enthusiastic instructions. I always push myself on the treadmills and leave feeling fast. Because the studio is kept pretty dark, and the workout is fast paced, you can stay kind of “anonymous and hidden” and do your workout with anyone really calling you out or bothering. Which can be nice if you’re in the mood to just shut up and work and not interact with anyone.

shred415 south loop


Rundown of Shred415 South Loop 

  • Workouts: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) alternating running and strength
  • Showers: Yes, and some amenities provided although I have not showered there
  • Storage: They have cubbies in the workout room, and lockers in the shower room. Never used those so I’m not sure if you need to BYO lock or if you set your own code.
  • Towels: Provided for the workout and showers
  • Water: Drinking fountain with spout for water bottles
  • Food: I believe they sell some goodies in the reception area
  • Neighborhood: South Loop, in the Roosevelt Collection. On the second floor by Victoria’s Secret.
  • Transit/Parking: Walking distance to Red/Orange/Green lines (Roosevelt stop) and various bus routes. Free (for 90 min) validated underground parking. Paid street parking. There is a Divvy station nearby at the Roosevelt Collection.


Have you been to Shred415? What did you think? 


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2 Comments on “Shred415 South Loop – Chicago Fitness Studio Review”

  1. I’ve only been to Shred415 once, and it was ages ago, BUT I do remember liking the class a lot. I loved the variety and felt like I got a great workout there! The only thing I didn’t love was the price (though that’s my sentiment about most studio classes).

    1. I can only afford it (and any boutique studio, really) because of ClassPass. Comes out to around $12 per class. But I also have a fitness room in my building so I don’t pay for a gym membership.

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