Training, Feb 12-18

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Butts & Legs at Shred415 South Loop

Wednesday: Total Strength at CrossTown Fitness West Loop

Thursday: Worked on choreography for my workshop

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Taught a workshop – Strong & Sexy

Sunday: Pilsen Yoga Tribe and a 4.9-mile run

Total Time: 5 hours
Total Miles: Let’s round up. 5.


Tuesday  |  Wednesday

Saturday with my star student, Erin


Sunday yoga | Sunday run

Doing yoga felt so good. I can tell I haven’t been doing it as much lately. Also, teaching Strong & Sexy was a lot of fun. We did about 30 minutes of barre/pilates style moves, and then 30 minutes of “strong” choreography (chair dancing, floor work). I think everyone enjoyed it.  I’m scheduled to teach it again in April.

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