Review – Fitness Goodies to Improve Your Training

All of these items can help improve your training and recovery and lead to better outcomes. Incorporate them into different parts of your routine to see overall improvements.

CLX Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to add more “weight” to you workout without actually having to carry around and/or store weights. They’re easy to bring with you if you’re traveling, use at home, or bring to the gym. TheraBand CLX  Consecutive Loops resistance bands take it up a notch.  They are 5-foot long resistance bands with loops that can be used tons of different ways – and there is an app to guide you. Shop Therabands on Amazon.


Resistance Stretch Strap

You can also use straps for stretching, this one is elastic.  A unique, high-quality latex elastic strap with designed loops for variable resistance. Use for a workout or during your stretching routine. Shop this stretching strap on Amazon.


Stabilyze Nutrition Bars

I’m not going to lie, these basically taste like candy bars, but have more protein and nutrition. Unlike many other protein bars I’ve tried, these actually taste good! Each bar contains around 200 calories, 11-13g of protein, and 21 vitamins and minerals.  Stabilyze bars come in lots of flavors: Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie, Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew and more. Shop Stabilyze on Amazon.


Health Warrior Bars

These are vegan, gluten-free, only 100 calories, and pretty tasty.  And anyone who has read Born to Run (I assume that’s all of you), knows that chia is a superfood. They are the perfect size to pop before a workout and get some extra engery. They come in various flavors including Vanilla Almond, Dark Chocolate, Acai Berry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon and more. Shop Health Warrior on Amazon.



Native Deodorant

I posted already that I switched to this stuff a few months ago and I love it. I really do. Not only does it smell great and is it free of bad stuff (like aluminum and parabens), but it actually works. Even over 24 hours after applying it. My pits still smell good. That wasn’t happening with antiperspirants, to be honest. Anyway, get a free travel size when you order from Native Deodorant.


Sacred Mind & Body Hemp Oil

The Therapeutic Relief Lotion and Balm from Sacred Mind & Body help relieve aches and pains and help stiff achy muscles. The perfectly balanced topical blend provides an effective combination of natural hemp oil extract and anti-inflammatory essential oils, all designed to leave you feeling relief from various aches and pain. Shop Sacred Hemp Lotion and Sacred Hemp Balm on Amazon.

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35 Comments on “Review – Fitness Goodies to Improve Your Training”

  1. I’m most interested in the resistance bands as I’m just starting to add some strength training into my running. The stretch band would be beneficial too!

  2. You had me at coloring book! And I also love to try out new bars – the chia ones sound great, as does the chocolate hazelnut combo.

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